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Kyle Rose has set the subject to: mboned IETF 102
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[19:48:08] <Warren Kumari> Hullo! I will be your friendly Jabber scribe. Please SHOUT if you need anything relayed to the mic...
[19:48:34] <Warren Kumari> Keep in mind you can also use the (excellent) Meetech solution.
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[19:50:29] <Mike McBride> meetecho really has been surprisingly wonderful to use.
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[19:50:44] <Meetecho> Mike McBride: glad to hear that!
[19:51:16] <Charles Perkins> I have trouble hearing questions from the room because the room acoustics seem to be unfavorable.
[19:51:37] <Charles Perkins> Meetecho itself seems to be very good!
[19:51:52] <Mike McBride> The meeting hasn't really started yet. Has meetecho been used at ietf for years and I'm now just discovering it?
[19:52:04] <Charles Perkins> Yes :-)
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[20:09:06] <Mike McBride> it's a fantastic alternative when not able to travel.
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