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[21:59:14] <john.zhao> Henrik: Agenda
[22:02:22] <john.zhao> Jari: said the dhcp related situation
[22:03:18] <john.zhao> Vijay come to mic
[22:04:58] <john.zhao> Introduce the draft:draft-makela-mip4-nemo-haaro
[22:05:19] <john.zhao> Background and motivation
[22:06:17] <john.zhao> http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/mip4-3.pdf
[22:09:28] <john.zhao> Basic idea:Since HA knows which MR owns which Mobile Network, distribute this information to MRs as well
[22:09:54] <john.zhao> Allows for RO to happen between networks (and Mobile Nodes) connected to single HA
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[22:17:20] <john.zhao> Charls come to mic
[22:17:41] <john.zhao> charls: two problem
[22:18:33] <john.zhao> George come to mic
[22:19:14] <john.zhao> Sri come to mic
[22:21:18] <john.zhao> Sri: How would you know the MNP are allocated to some MR?
[22:21:22] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:22:45] <john.zhao> Henrik: The prefix of HA can be devided some block.
[22:22:53] <john.zhao> Sri: How to keep that allocation
[22:23:03] <john.zhao> Kent come to mic
[22:25:23] <john.zhao> Alex come to mic
[22:28:36] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:30:08] <john.zhao> Hans come to mic
[22:32:25] <john.zhao> Chan-Wah come to mic
[22:35:14] <john.zhao> Henrik said this need be updated and checked those has existed and discuss for next meeting.
[22:35:41] <john.zhao> Ralph introduce about Host Configuration -- Options vs. DHCP INFORM
[22:35:52] <john.zhao> Reference to :http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/07dec/slides/mip4-1.pdf
[22:38:34] <john.zhao> Introduction is finished ,next is discussion about DHCP Inform
[22:38:41] <john.zhao> Vijay come to mic
[22:39:07] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:40:20] <john.zhao> Alex come to mic
[22:40:49] <john.zhao> Alex: what is the topic.
[22:41:02] <john.zhao> Alex: I think this is DHCP useful
[22:41:14] <john.zhao> Kent come to mic
[22:42:25] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:43:51] <john.zhao> Henrik is arguing with Kent
[22:44:08] <john.zhao> Ralph answering.
[22:45:20] <john.zhao> Hans come to mic
[22:49:11] <john.zhao> pete is asking
[22:49:17] <john.zhao> Kent come to mic
[22:50:29] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:50:55] <john.zhao> Hans come to mic
[22:52:27] <john.zhao> Hans:Do we want to improve the mobile IP
[22:52:34] <john.zhao> Henrik answer
[22:52:39] <john.zhao> Vijay come to mic
[22:53:03] <john.zhao> pete answering.
[22:53:10] <john.zhao> Henrik come to mic
[22:53:51] <john.zhao> Jari come to mic
[22:54:36] <john.zhao> Charles come to mic
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[22:58:10] <john.zhao> Jari come to mic
[22:59:42] <john.zhao> Kent come to mic
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[23:00:41] <xiaohunhun> good work:)
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[23:01:53] <john.zhao> Henrik :we need a help to make the decide.
[23:02:46] <john.zhao> 3 problems, all has some hmm sound.
[23:02:51] <john.zhao> Knet come to mic
[23:03:09] <john.zhao> Henrik : we need to clarfy .. before we make this decision.
[23:03:23] <john.zhao> Hentik: So take this is necessary.
[23:03:33] <john.zhao> Pete: Thanks for you joining.
[23:05:46] --- john.zhao has left