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[09:49:56] <Eric Burger> Do we have a Jabber scribe?
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[09:51:14] <Eric Burger> yep. loud & clear
[09:51:20] <Eric Burger> zzzz
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[10:05:48] <Eric Burger> I take it no one in the Jabber room is in Prague?
[10:07:17] <Jean Mahoney> I'm in the mtg room. I'm taking minutes.
[10:07:35] <Eric Burger> Thanks! If we have a question, mind going to the Mic for us?
[10:07:56] <Jean Mahoney> I'll ask for a jabber scribe. I can juggle both if I have to.
[10:08:04] <Eric Burger> thanks
[10:08:38] <Eric Burger> hi Jon!
[10:09:15] <Eric Burger> Thanks Paul
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[10:09:52] <Paul Hoffman> Hi, I'm your Jabber scribe.
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[10:21:22] <Eric Burger> (Paul - I'm stepping away for a few minutes)
[10:23:49] <Eric Burger> (I'm back)
[10:29:00] <Eric Burger> Mic: Is there any practical difference between valid but not allocated versus invalid? I'm blocking on numbers not assigned to people. Do I care if a carrier is holding it?
[10:31:06] <Jean Mahoney> Chris at the mic, then Paul, then adam
[10:31:32] <Paul Hoffman> i'm being Eric
[10:33:34] <Eric Burger> :-)
[10:34:00] <Eric Burger> thanks
[10:34:30] <Eric Burger> That is saying that this querry is not useful for DNO.
[10:35:56] <Eric Burger> (not for Mic, but for history as we look at the Jabber log) Jon just said real-time assignment information is not in North America, so it is likely you will often or always get unallocated for real numbers, which means one will block calls that should go through.
[10:36:20] <Eric Burger> Jon said the hope is that STIR will fix that.
[10:38:12] <Eric Burger> I.e., as Jon said, still fishing for a use for Modern
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[10:42:14] <Eric Burger> +1: allocated+assigned is useful. only allocated is not
[10:44:09] <Paul Hoffman> I think Jon just said that. :-)
[10:44:35] <Eric Burger> hence the +1 (Y)
[10:45:19] <Eric Burger> Mic: except in a number portability regime, you do not have nice allocations of solid blocks
[10:45:21] <RjS> hey paul - I'm less tied up than I had been - if you'd like me to start taking things to the mic, I'm willing.
[10:45:38] <Paul Hoffman> Thanks, Robert, but I'm watching
[10:46:08] <Eric Burger> I.e., you don't have a nice hierarchy of 1000-blocks all sitting with a single carrier
[10:47:08] <RjS> eric - you don't have meetecho audio this time?
[10:47:19] <RjS> we have the queue thingy in the front of the room
[10:47:40] <Eric Burger> I have audio in. I suppose I could speak, too. Would that be less effort on your side? It also means you get to hear my cat whine :D
[10:47:54] <Paul Hoffman> Not needed
[10:47:58] <Eric Burger> OTOH, it's fun being the VoG
[10:48:00] <Paul Hoffman> We can be Eric easily
[10:48:02] <RjS> either way - we don't mind relaying, just wanted you to know
[10:48:06] <Eric Burger> thanks
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[10:53:59] <Eric Burger> Mic: given that TERI is still looking for a solid use case and from today's discussion we are still looking for a direction, would it not make more sense to keep it individual until something solid emerges?
[10:54:58] <Eric Burger> I guess we have use cases, but not at all clear how TERI solve it
[10:56:03] <Eric Burger> all agreed, but look at the discussion around TERI - not solid yet
[10:56:38] <Paul Hoffman> Eric: folks here are feeling that there is a use case and that TeRI fixes it
[10:57:44] <Eric Burger> (not Mic) I'm not arguing against the use case. It is that TERI is slightly less than an idea of how to solve it. Number blocks or individual TN's? What is an allocation? How do I make a query? We are in research phase, not engineering phase.
[10:59:19] <Eric Burger> Example: I need to know which carrier to ask to find out if a carrier has a number allocated. That means I need to know the answer before I ask the question. Slightly less than useful.
[10:59:55] <Eric Burger> Worse, the carrier might answer with something like Yes, but for the number I'm interested in the answer is No.
[11:00:10] <Eric Burger> TeRI is a long way from baked. It has not even risen yet.
[11:00:30] <Paul Hoffman> (Do let me know when you're trying to be on-mic)
[11:00:56] <Eric Burger> Will do. I don't think it's worth using WG time at this point. I'll take to list.
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[11:05:10] <Eric Burger> Mic: At least the proposal is *not* blockchain.
[11:05:20] <Eric Burger> Mic: otherwise, OK
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[11:05:45] <Eric Burger> :*
[11:06:47] <Eric Burger> I'm ready for breakfast...
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[11:07:02] <Eric Burger> Safe travels, and I *will* be in Singapre
[11:07:06] <Paul Hoffman> <people rise, people leave>
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[11:07:22] <Eric Burger> And thanks to Paul and Robert for channeling my drivvel
[11:07:26] <Adam Roach> Oh, I guess it is 7:00 am, eh?
[11:07:32] <Eric Burger> affirmative
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