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[22:20:44] <jeferson.nobre> second presentation
[22:21:55] <jeferson.nobre> Self-driving networks
[22:22:13] <jeferson.nobre> slide The self driving network: what it does
[22:23:31] <jeferson.nobre> slide five technologies for self driving
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[22:25:07] <jeferson.nobre> slide telemetry - cars
[22:34:54] <jeferson.nobre> slide five stages of self-driving
[22:47:35] <jeferson.nobre> slide conclusion
[22:58:07] <jeferson.nobre> Autonomic Networking Retrospective
[22:58:18] <jeferson.nobre> slide outline
[22:58:32] <jeferson.nobre> slide intro
[22:59:49] <jeferson.nobre> slide intro (fig 1)
[23:00:43] <jeferson.nobre> slide intro (first  bullet "autonomic network")
[23:01:36] <jeferson.nobre> slide "autonomic networking @nmrg"
[23:02:27] <jeferson.nobre> 3rd slide "autonomic networking @nmrg"
[23:02:54] <jeferson.nobre> slide UCAN BoF
[23:03:13] <jeferson.nobre> slide ANIMA WG
[23:04:27] <jeferson.nobre> 2nd slide ANIMA WG
[23:06:14] <jeferson.nobre> slide AN @NMRG post ANIMA
[23:06:54] <jeferson.nobre> slide outook
[23:07:52] <jeferson.nobre> 2nd outlook slide
[23:08:57] <jeferson.nobre> 3rd outook slide
[23:09:37] <jeferson.nobre> last slide
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