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[04:57:30] <Jeferson Nobre> Presentation Summary of Artificial Intelligence topic and sessions at IETF 102
[04:58:39] <Meetecho> It's the webcam icon next to Pedro's name, in the web UI
[04:58:53] <Meetecho> (y)
[05:00:46] <Meetecho> Looks like Pedro didn't make a selftest in advance: please do that next time, as it would help spot issues like this in advanc
[05:00:53] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> I did!
[05:01:09] <Meetecho> Mh, I can't see the results: did you send a report at the end?
[05:01:31] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> Cannot send the report from my insituttion, sorry
[05:01:36] <Meetecho> Anyway, remote presentations should be scheduled, as this way we can help during the week before the session
[05:01:49] <Meetecho> Chairs, please do that next time
[05:01:56] <Meetecho>
[05:02:08] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> Anyway, can you hear me?
[05:02:22] <Meetecho> Pedro: you're not in the queue at the moment
[05:02:42] <Meetecho> You should try raising the hand again
[05:02:43] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> Oh, ok
[05:02:56] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> did it
[05:03:21] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> and done again
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[05:04:10] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> I see my presentation is being continued...
[05:05:00] <Meetecho> You have the floor now, so you can speak, although I think the chair is continuing your presentation
[05:05:14] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> yes, I see, thank you
[05:05:38] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> Thanks to you!!!
[05:08:48] <Jeferson Nobre> 3. Discussion on the future of NMRG
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[05:25:14] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> Please, let's continue the "future of NMRG" through the mailing list... I think there are much other ideas to discuss.
[05:25:49] <Pedro Martinez-Julia> bye
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