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[01:56:36] <admcd> hi jukka
[01:56:41] <jukka> hi :)
[01:57:08] <admcd> have you got the mp3 stream?
[01:57:19] <jukka> what isw address?
[01:57:24] <jukka> the
[01:58:01] <admcd> http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf
[02:03:20] <admcd> agenda: http://www.ietf.org/ietf/05aug/nsis.txt
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[02:17:51] <rbless> Martin Stiemerling presented results from NTLP Interop Test
[02:18:32] <admcd> http://nsis.srmr.co.uk/~reh/draft-ietf-nsis-ntlp-07.ppt (I think)
[02:18:47] <rbless> Cedric Aoun commented: would be good to have node reachable from the Internet to see whether IP option forwarding works
[02:19:24] <rbless> Robert Hancock now presenting draft-...-ntlp-07
[02:22:07] <rbless> @admcd: nope, slides not at that URL...
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[02:26:13] <rbless> Hannes Tschofenig: discussed On-Reverse-Path Threat at interim meeting, my opinion, we should do it...
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[02:35:24] <rbless> (Missed some comments)
[02:36:25] <rbless> Henning Schulzrinne: (on NTLP tracker issue 14), use DNS srv?
[02:37:51] <rbless> A: Signal preferences? Currently up to receiver which option to use
[02:40:58] <rbless> Comment from John Loughney on MUST/SHOULD/MAY: give reasoning when specifying SHOULDs
[02:42:57] <rbless> Henning: strong pushback against SHOULD, because it basically means 1 bit of protocol variability, better decide and not use SHOULD (except in implementation issues...)
[02:43:34] <rbless> Protocol Naming...
[02:44:52] <rbless> Henning: need at least one beer for each participant...better not use N for NSIS in name, because later people don't remember the WG
[02:45:28] <jugi> sounds good to me, what Allison is talking about
[02:45:55] <jugi> me, too
[02:45:58] <rbless> Alison: GIMPS has really negative meaning. Better use simple name like NST (Network Signaling Transport)
[02:46:44] <rbless> Henning: GIST? has positive connotation
[02:47:34] <rbless> John: [3 choices] NST, GIST, something else
[02:47:44] <jugi> I was huming for NST
[02:47:52] <rbless> stronger humming for GIST
[02:48:10] <jugi> did my hum count for NST? :)
[02:48:38] <rbless> :-) I guess not
[02:48:52] <rbless> But that will be taken to the list anyway...
[02:49:14] <rbless> John: going soon to WGLC
[02:49:31] <rbless> can have multiple WGLCs if necessary
[02:50:33] <rbless> Next presentation: NSIS Mobility
[02:52:28] <rbless> Issue tracker at http://www.tschofenig.com:8080/nsismob/index
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