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[17:10:51] <rbless> Hello, anybody on jabber?
[17:15:32] --- cgn has joined
[17:15:48] <cgn> Here is Martin
[17:15:56] <cgn> I'm going to be your jabber scribe for today
[17:16:11] <rbless> That's nice, thank you.
[17:16:19] <cgn> Bitte schön! ;-)
[17:16:57] <rbless> There was no scribe yesterday, right?
[17:16:59] <cgn> Presentation on QoS
[17:17:12] <cgn> draft-ietf-nsis-qos-nslp
[17:17:15] <cgn> by Jukka
[17:17:31] <cgn> http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-ietf-nsis-qos-nslp/
[17:17:40] <cgn> Changes to in 08
[17:17:47] <cgn> Reformatted common header
[17:17:56] <cgn> reformatted error spec, info spec
[17:18:03] <cgn> mostly editorial changes
[17:18:11] <cgn> Open issue: INFO_SPEC
[17:18:18] <cgn> just finalize it
[17:18:20] <rbless> I'm also on the audio stream...works flawlessly
[17:18:32] <cgn> good to know
[17:18:36] <cgn> wireless works too..
[17:18:42] <cgn> POLICY_DATA
[17:18:53] <cgn> need to have means to provide policy info for access control
[17:19:36] <cgn> Hannes: has a document on the issue and likes to share his thoughts
[17:19:40] <cgn> John:
[17:19:46] <cgn> Document shouldn't hold up
[17:19:52] <cgn> Jukka:
[17:19:59] <cgn> Leave it for new draft.
[17:21:29] <cgn> John's suggestion: Close POLICY_DATA object and handle later
[17:21:38] <cgn> Open issue: 2-phas operation
[17:22:02] <cgn> currenlty: resources are reserved directly with RESERVE
[17:22:12] <rbless> Unfortunately, slides are not up at http://www.ietf-nsis.org/nsis/IETF64/
[17:22:55] <cgn> Hmm, guess they haven't been send or got stucked due to the almost non existing network...
[17:22:59] <cgn> Other issues
[17:23:10] <cgn> - BOUND_SESSION_ID (Shen et all)
[17:23:13] <cgn> re-routing
[17:23:28] <cgn> repsonse messages
[17:23:32] <cgn> comments from Roland
[17:23:43] <cgn> sender/receiver initiation
[17:23:46] <cgn> extensiblity
[17:23:58] <cgn> Packet classifier
[17:24:01] <cgn> any comments?
[17:24:07] <cgn> where should it go?
[17:24:11] <cgn> NSLP or QSpec
[17:24:29] <rbless> Why?
[17:24:53] <cgn> What why?
[17:24:58] <cgn> sorry missed context
[17:25:07] <rbless> Why wants Robert this in the NSLP?
[17:25:42] <rbless> Right :-)
[17:28:24] <cgn> proposal
[17:28:29] <cgn> is: "leave as it is".
[17:28:44] <rbless> Robert suggestion sounds reasonable
[17:29:36] <cgn> NSIQ: Next Steps in QoS
[17:29:41] <cgn> done.
[17:29:50] <cgn> Next presentation on
[17:30:42] <cgn> http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-ietf-nsis-qspec/ by Jerry Ash
[17:30:53] <cgn> many updates to the draft:
[17:30:59] <cgn> - defined erro flag for error handling
[17:31:15] <cgn> - defined not-supported flag and tunnel parameter flag
[17:31:34] <cgn> - redefined bit error rate parameter
[17:31:41] <cgn> added packet error ratio param
[17:31:52] <cgn> new text on diffserv qspec
[17:32:01] <cgn> - progress on coding checking
[17:32:10] <cgn> - expanded IANA considerations section
[17:32:14] <cgn> Open issues:
[17:32:29] <cgn> placement of classifier in qspec or nslp
[17:32:44] <cgn> agreed right before that
[17:33:17] <cgn> next steps
[17:33:24] <cgn> no remainign issues
[17:33:28] <cgn> draft should go to WGLC
[17:33:34] <cgn> no comments on this
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[17:34:21] <cgn> Presenation on http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-ietf-nsis-y1541-qosm by Jerry
[17:34:44] <cgn> QoS model basded on ITU's Y.1541
[17:34:58] <cgn> no new functionality
[17:35:08] <cgn> additional qspec params define
[17:35:10] <cgn> d
[17:35:19] <cgn> no remaining issues
[17:35:26] <cgn> go to WGLC
[17:36:05] <cgn> Presentation on by Jerryhttp://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-ash-nsis-vertical-interface-01.txt
[17:36:37] <cgn> propose protocol to communicate between user appl layer and user plane layer
[17:37:04] --- loughney has joined
[17:37:12] <cgn> open issues
[17:37:56] <cgn> Jerry proposes this draft to be WG item
[17:38:23] <cgn> Tom Taylore
[17:38:24] <cgn> Taylor
[17:38:38] <cgn> is this similar to the GQ interface?
[17:38:49] <cgn> Is this another hack in the ring?
[17:39:10] <cgn> Jerry: Not familiar with that
[17:39:12] <cgn> Hannes:
[17:39:17] <cgn> Interesting question
[17:39:23] <cgn> never seen the document in that way
[17:39:46] <cgn> Seong-Hong gives some information about the interface
[17:40:47] <cgn> John: Go back, read through the draft and give comments
[17:41:24] <cgn> Next presentation by Attila on http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-ietf-nsis-rmd
[17:41:25] --- admcd has joined
[17:41:54] <cgn> Not so much updates made in the document
[17:41:57] <cgn> Main updates:
[17:42:07] <cgn> object format aligned to qspec template
[17:42:18] <cgn> examples for reducing number of dscps for severe congestion
[17:42:33] <cgn> signaling details of notification based admin control
[17:42:38] <cgn> security section was updated
[17:42:42] <cgn> Next Steps:
[17:42:52] <cgn> update draft according to packet classifier disucssion
[17:43:02] <cgn> ready for last call after qos-nslp and qspec template
[17:46:56] <cgn> preparing for next presentation
[17:47:08] <cgn> Next presentation on http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-jeong-nsis-3gpp-qosm-02.txt by Seong-Ho
[17:47:48] <cgn> changes since 01
[17:47:55] <cgn> updated abstract and intro
[17:48:04] <cgn> additional qspec param
[17:48:18] <cgn> created new seciton on NSIS within IP-based transport in UMTs
[17:48:24] <cgn> updated interop stuff
[17:48:26] <cgn> goals
[17:48:46] <cgn> define additional optional params which carry 3GPP QOSM
[17:49:27] <cgn> identify common QoS params for wirelss networks
[17:49:36] <cgn> John: Questions on the last points
[17:49:48] <cgn> Seong-Ho:
[17:49:52] <cgn> concentrate to 3GPP
[17:49:59] <cgn> but could be for other wirless techs too
[17:50:09] <cgn> John: other wireless is different doc
[17:50:34] <cgn> additional qspec params
[17:50:46] <cgn> list of parameters...
[17:51:19] <cgn> UE-initiated signaling
[17:51:48] <cgn> picture as an example
[17:52:39] <cgn> GGSN initiated signaling
[17:52:55] <cgn> picture as an example
[17:53:36] --- jugi has left: Logged out
[17:54:00] <cgn> picture on signaling in IP-based transport part of UMTS/GPRS
[17:54:48] <cgn> next steps
[17:54:57] <cgn> refine format of qspec params
[17:55:03] <cgn> further nsis signaling
[17:55:14] <cgn> refine interop between 3GPP
[17:55:21] <cgn> should this become a WG item
[17:55:32] <cgn> John: First comment on this was done in Paris
[17:56:20] <cgn> Seong:
[17:56:26] <cgn> trying to define QoS model
[17:56:43] <admcd> question from john was (roughly): comment in paris that gsma is doing mapping to diffserv, has this been looked into?
[17:56:50] <cgn> right!
[17:56:52] <cgn> thanks
[17:57:41] <cgn> John: comments to mailing list
[17:57:48] <cgn> last item on the agenda
[17:57:57] <cgn> but here is another item
[17:58:17] <cgn> on NAT traversal considerations for GIST by
[17:58:40] <cgn> A. Pashalidis
[17:58:42] <cgn> http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-pashalidis-nsis-gimps-nattraversal-01.txt
[17:59:15] <cgn> not man people have read it..
[17:59:17] <cgn> change log
[17:59:34] <cgn> several scenarios considered
[17:59:44] <cgn> transparetn and non-transparent approach
[17:59:55] <cgn> document can serve as guidance for impl
[18:00:01] <cgn> open issues:
[18:00:32] <cgn> should GIST-NAT-traversal mechanims allow data traffic to traverse NATs
[18:00:35] <cgn> ?
[18:00:38] <cgn> GIST unaware NATs
[18:00:43] <cgn> Feedback from the WG
[18:00:47] <cgn> Robert:
[18:00:51] <cgn> first issue:
[18:00:57] <cgn> this is a policy issue
[18:01:12] <cgn> (sorry have to get there and discuss...)
[18:01:46] <admcd> rob: natfw nslp is not only way to configure nat bindings
[18:01:53] <admcd> rob: there is midcom, etc too
[18:02:13] <admcd> andreas: should we have something providing guidance to implementors?
[18:02:31] <admcd> rob: prob yes, but question of whether it is an nsis issue
[18:02:37] <admcd> john: may be a behave issue
[18:02:55] <admcd> rob: knowing that there is signalling that has interactions with nat bindings is the first step
[18:03:08] <admcd> hannes: i'm not so happy about midcom stuff
[18:04:23] <admcd> john: might also want to think about stun, turn, etc
[18:04:34] <admcd> next: yet another last presentation
[18:04:55] <cgn> (thanks to Andrew for taking over :)
[18:05:05] <cgn> Xiaoming is presenting
[18:05:15] <cgn> http://tools.ietf.org/wg/nsis/draft-kappler-nsis-qosmodel-controlledload-03.txt
[18:05:43] <cgn> controlled load service: light-weight per flow reservation
[18:05:50] <cgn> next slides..
[18:05:59] <cgn> CLS QOSM
[18:06:31] <cgn> draft updated with detailed QOSM params with mappings to RFC 2211
[18:06:39] <cgn> next slide
[18:06:41] <cgn> open issues
[18:07:03] <cgn> 3 options of composing RSVP -path like Query messages
[18:07:45] <cgn> next steps:
[18:07:51] <cgn> should this be WG item
[18:08:07] <cgn> John:
[18:08:17] <cgn> anybody interested in using controlled load services
[18:08:20] <cgn> counted three
[18:08:39] <cgn> lets finish charter items
[18:09:07] <cgn> 4 drafts expected to be in WGLC until Dallas meeting
[18:09:13] <cgn> 5 drafts!
[18:09:45] <cgn> Done. See you in Dallas
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[18:10:19] <rbless> Greeting to Vancouver, bye
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