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[14:06:21] <gorryf> Do we have a scribe in the actual meeting room?
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[14:11:51] <venaas> Do we have a jabber scribe?
[14:12:01] <venaas> I can try a little bit, but need to present etc
[14:12:16] <venaas> talking about pim spec which got approved today!
[14:13:04] <venaas> Bill speaks. Made the point that almost all changes to the spec happened the first few monhts. a few years little happened to the spec
[14:13:11] <gorryf> Thanks - a few notes who is presenting are much appreciated,
[14:13:18] <venaas> question is whether it would have been good to just publish earlier
[14:13:23] <venaas> anyway, it's done now
[14:13:41] <venaas> Arjen on pim-join-attributes draft now
[14:14:16] <venaas> join-attributes-01 and rpf-vector-02
[14:14:35] <venaas> attrbiutes have been to last call. some changes needed
[14:15:00] <gorryf> It's really hard to hear this speaker...
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[14:16:14] <venaas> some changes have been done after last call comments. but some comments from some people (incl me), that may need some clarifications
[14:16:36] <venaas> very few changes to rpf-vector. only changed to using same enc unic addr format as pim
[14:17:19] <venaas> asking how to proceed with vector draft
[14:17:34] <venaas> chair wants to proceed with last call on vector
[14:20:08] <venaas> I just pointed out a problem with conflict resolution and the fact that you may have same link-local address for two downstream neighbours on two different subnets
[14:20:27] <venaas> Pekka asked something about when should do implementation reports if this is PS
[14:21:36] <venaas> Bill commented. think he said that early impl reports would be good
[14:21:52] <venaas> now for pim-mib-v2
[14:22:13] <gorryf> Who's presenting?
[14:22:38] <venaas> eh, the author whatever his name is again
[14:22:58] <gorryf> Thanks - recognise the voice now.
[14:23:36] <venaas> David something
[14:23:52] <venaas> seems we are done here. no major feedback from last call
[14:23:58] <venaas> will be submitted to ADs
[14:52:38] <venaas> bsr will go to last call
[14:52:45] <gorryf> Stig: Briefly what's the problem with Router Alert --- why is it so hated?
[14:53:22] <venaas> router alert means you need to process packet in slow path
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[14:53:51] <gorryf> Yes - but did I miss something --- these are hop-by-hop messages anyway?
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[14:57:56] <venaas> cand-rp-advs are not
[14:58:01] <venaas> and unicast bsms is an issue....
[14:58:46] <gorryf> OK - so that makes sense then, no need for routers to look at them.
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[15:13:38] <gorryf> Thanks for jabber-scribing, Stig!
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