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[22:09:11] <venaas> talking about link-local draft
[22:09:32] <bharat.josh> Ok... Thanks for doing this stig
[22:10:32] <venaas> looking into how it can apply to ospf etc
[22:11:33] <venaas> Toerless asking about requirements
[22:12:25] <venaas> can see need for encryption for ospf, but no need for confidentiality for joins
[22:17:55] <bharat.josh> Can you ask people to review it?
[22:17:56] <venaas> hope my brief presentation of pim bsr mib changes was sufficient
[22:18:03] <bharat.josh> Yeah!!
[22:18:13] <venaas> pim gr ehancemnt presented now
[22:19:34] <venaas> talking of some bsr issues
[22:21:04] <venaas> rebooting e-bsr.... think we have solved this but
[22:25:39] <venaas> also discusses how to quickly state at a c-rp after reboot
[22:26:29] <venaas> also issues with triggered join to a rebooting router before it has group to RP mappings
[22:31:33] <bharat.josh> Why cann't the rebooting router keep track of the joins received and join them as and when the RP state is available and is reachable..
[22:32:05] <venaas> yes it could, or also as Bill just said, you can change genid afterwards to trigger a new join
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[22:32:59] <venaas> hmm, I relayed what you said to the room. turned out she had just said the same
[22:33:11] <bharat.josh> Ok.. thanks
[22:33:52] <venaas> Toerless is a bit worried of sideeffects of some of this
[22:35:52] <venaas> He wants to explore further the effects.
[22:37:59] <venaas> checking who wants it to be a wg draft....
[22:38:41] <venaas> not much interest for adopting the draft
[22:38:59] <venaas> but might be some things to discuss further...
[22:39:46] <venaas> pim ping
[22:41:42] <venaas> dino mentions the pim hopcount he was working on
[22:43:01] <bharat.josh> mtracev2 now supports both IPv4 and IPv6 trace and also different Multicast Routing protocols so why not use that instead of creating something protocol specific
[22:43:04] <venaas> hitoshi commenting on mtrace par
[22:43:20] <venaas> exactly his point
[22:52:44] <venaas> some interest in wg in looking into pim extensions for mgmt, statistics etc...
[22:53:02] <venaas> Mike briefly mentioned the state refresh problem statement
[22:53:19] <venaas> and now he briefly presents the improved register draft
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[22:59:08] <venaas> kind of interesting, but dramatic change to service model
[22:59:43] <venaas> perhaps we should try to change it, but will take a long time...
[23:02:14] <venaas> Dino talks about negative effects of changing service model. incr. latency in some cases
[23:03:29] <bharat.josh> Thanks stig for being the scribe...
[23:04:30] <venaas> not very good
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