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[21:20:30] <galvinjamesm> cheers (B)
[21:21:53] --- wyllys has joined
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[21:22:48] <Ole> こんばんわ
[21:23:00] --- javier has joined
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[21:24:16] --- plenary is now known as nico
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[21:24:52] <galvinjamesm> all I see is | | | | |
[21:25:05] <nico> I see kana
[21:25:09] <nico> hirgana
[21:25:11] <Ole> Kana it was
[21:25:14] <nico> hiragana
[21:25:14] <Ole> Hiragana
[21:25:20] --- lisa has joined
[21:25:21] <Ole> Unicode rules
[21:25:24] <nico> once I could read it
[21:25:43] --- masahiro has joined
[21:25:43] <nico> ni - something, something n o
[21:25:44] <galvinjamesm> ;'( what do I need to see it
[21:25:46] <Ole> Konbanwa
[21:25:53] --- shep has joined
[21:26:16] <nico> nihongo no hanemasen
[21:26:30] <nico> galvin: get a client that doesn't suck
[21:26:36] --- bivenj has joined
[21:26:47] <lisa> I'm using Nitro and the hiragana appeared for me
[21:26:47] <nico> or use an appropriate locale
[21:27:01] --- jishac has joined
[21:27:01] <galvinjamesm> it's exodus...not bad...just not unicode
[21:27:04] <nico> e.g., LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 ...
[21:27:13] <mstjohns> I get it on my exodus client
[21:27:21] --- suz-isc has joined
[21:27:21] <wyllys> GAIM!!
[21:27:24] <nico> then it's the locale
[21:27:25] <galvinjamesm> must have a setting wrong...
[21:27:44] <galvinjamesm> well, this is a windows machine, unfortunately.
[21:27:53] <suz-isc> psi got it right
[21:28:03] <suz-isc> pretty hiragana :)
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[21:35:23] <AndrewDMcGregor> I'm on exodus and I saw it.
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[21:36:29] <galvinjamesm> it seems I've got a really basic installed base. serves me right. maybe I'll fix that one day... ;)
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[21:37:03] <ggm> so do we have a scribe?
[21:37:24] <ggm> thanks to a bunch of people for getting us hooked up.
[21:37:31] <galvinjamesm> no. I'm listening to the audio feed.
[21:37:46] <jishac> They lost 80% of the networking equipment due to shipping mishaps
[21:37:47] <galvinjamesm> anybody out there not listening to the audio or in the room?
[21:37:47] <ggm> long story about the entire infrastructure falling off the back of a lorry somewhere and cisco having to pull one out of thin air
[21:38:16] <ggm> doing 3 wireless vlans. open (ietf60) WEB (ietf60-wep) and 802.1x (ietf60.1x)
[21:38:26] <ggm> probes from airmagnet
[21:38:53] <ggm> map of deployment, most APs in this room, pink (invisible from the back mate) dots are the others.
[21:39:02] --- resnick has joined
[21:39:05] <ggm> 1500 unique MACs [laughter]
[21:39:13] <ggm> 1.x MAC per person.
[21:39:44] --- kenh has joined
[21:39:48] <jishac> there's a wep net, is there a wep key... I guess I should have stopped in the terminal room
[21:39:52] <ggm> MAC by network: 1115 using base SSID. 218 on west , 47 on wep, 11 on 802.1x, 6 in NOC. only 5 tried it [applause] wired room 303
[21:40:05] --- dudi has joined
[21:40:42] <ggm> static IPv4 assigns, 5. Mac 143 associations on one AP. 890 peak users, 3250 pages printed (double sided) 506,000 DNS lookups, no complaints on IETF list. thanks for being understanding [applause]
[21:40:47] --- tonyhansen has left: Replaced by new connection
[21:41:15] <ggm> long list of volunteers, NO paid staff. none compensated, came just to do it. need to figure out, if model changes, make it scaleable
[21:41:20] --- tonyhansen has joined
[21:41:26] <ggm> long list of contributers
[21:41:47] --- yjs has joined
[21:42:04] <ggm> he's done. back to the hairy one.
[21:42:29] <ggm> steve crocker comes to the stage.
[21:42:43] <ggm> introduces himself. chair of Postel Award Committee.
[21:42:44] <tonyhansen> yes, there's a wep key -- interestingly enough, I set up the wep key connection, but my networking always finds the non-wep one first and seldom finds the wep version
[21:43:19] <ggm> Postel award first given in 99, one of the original crew at UCLA, participated in early protocol design, on proofs and correctness, then MITRE, and ISI until his death.
[21:43:25] <AndrewDMcGregor> Wireless problems are often your radio drivers. They are frighteningly sucky, often.
[21:43:40] <ggm> Jon was a successful network researcher, but achieved more through his public service roles.
[21:43:42] --- andreas-b has joined
[21:43:50] <wyllys> I have had NO success even finding the WEP network. Maybe there is only 1 AP or something, but its certainly not available everywhere like the open network.
[21:44:45] <ggm> was the internet assigned number authority (IANA) and managed the protocol assignments, replaced by organizations not just individuals. in all of these roles, Jon exhibited unique role of technical and balanced perspective, encouraged others to shine. challenge to find anybody else who displays all three.
[21:45:12] <ggm> committee was clarke, karrenburg, takahashi, flynn (?) and myself. choice was clear, consensus quickly.
[21:45:20] --- yjs has left: Replaced by new connection
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[21:45:27] <becarpenter> Phil Gross wins the Postel award
[21:45:28] <ggm> Pleased to announce Phil Gross is the Jon Postel Service award recipient [applause]
[21:45:50] --- kenh has left
[21:45:51] <ggm> Phile was directly involved in the creation of the IETF in San Diego, chaired for many years. set the tone.
[21:45:54] --- wyllys has left: Disconnected
[21:46:22] --- norifmi has joined
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[21:46:42] <ggm> worked regularly with him for 4 and a half years. always exhibited patience, enablement of others, hard work, quality. personified consensus building these qualities, Jon Postels strengths and qualities are what we look for each year to honour Jons name.
[21:46:54] <ggm> three awards. fine letter, handsome globe, and a small cheque.
[21:46:56] --- AndrewDMcGregor has joined
[21:46:58] --- wyllys has joined
[21:47:04] <ggm> Time for Phil to come up [applause]
[21:47:17] <nico> wyllys: are you on the wep net now?
[21:47:29] <ggm> Truly a personal pleasure, a very good friend. Letter from Internet Society being read out.
[21:48:05] --- faultylink has left: Disconnected
[21:48:11] --- mallman has joined
[21:48:17] <ggm> [sorry guys, can't type quick enough tonight -ggm]
[21:48:23] <wyllys> nope, no wep. It works fine at my home, but I havent found the WEP enabled APs here.
[21:48:45] <ggm> [end of letter] applause
[21:49:02] --- yjs has joined
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[21:49:14] <ggm> Phil gets the globe
[21:49:31] <ggm> cheque for $20,000
[21:49:43] <ggm> turn floor over to Phil.
[21:49:50] --- wivancic has joined
[21:50:00] <ggm> Phil
[21:50:42] <ggm> Sincere thanks to ISOC, people on the committee. glad to be here. can sympathise with the job Harald has, being chair of IETF is like being Mayor of New York. for every decision its a different 60% happy
[21:50:59] --- wivancic has left: Replaced by new connection
[21:51:28] <ggm> San Diego special place for me, little group here, the data./algs group came back here for lunch and re-convened as the IETF. 18 of us at the time, increadible to hear we're at 1500. San Diego is also special
[21:51:53] <ggm> because we met here 3 times in my tenure. where we presented ROADS work, like CIDR, BGP4, beginnings of IPv6. now here we are 18 years later.
[21:51:58] --- jhutz has joined
[21:52:20] <ggm> If you want to think of the IETF as an experiment back in those days of standards making, if any of you have been involved in standards bodies you'll know how different it was, the idea that a group of
[21:52:35] --- SAH has left: Replaced by new connection
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[21:53:37] --- aen has joined
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[21:54:15] --- tuy has joined
[21:54:19] <ggm> technologists could get together for the common good, best standards based on technical merit, decided by try before you buy. those of you involved with other bodies will know IETF is different, its been a success, many success have many fathers. Other names, Dave Clark, motivation was to get thorny issues off to another group so his research group could do other stuff, Dave Mills, Mike Horgan, (missing names, sorry) Mike St Johns gave guys like us a lot of lattitude. Mark Horgan was very supportive, DARPA program manager, now teaches at George Mason Uni, he was supportive of IETF, in the way
[21:54:28] <Ole> Mike Corrigan
[21:54:31] --- mgupta has joined
[21:54:48] <Ole> Not Horgan
[21:54:51] <wyllys> Bob Enger, Mike O'Connor
[21:54:52] <mgupta> are we in the right room :-/
[21:55:24] --- mgupta has left
[21:55:24] <Ole> Mark Pullen
[21:55:28] <ggm> which counted, he brought funding to the table, has a special place in our history. Just wanted to give a few of those names, mention a couple of things about the IETF. suggested I should have had a raise of hands, who here 10, who here 18. I wont do that, the only folks who had a glimmer of recognition, none had brown hair [laughter] in the beginning all gov contracters, or researchers. only had WG afer
[21:55:38] --- mgupta has joined
[21:55:57] --- mgupta has left
[21:56:03] <ggm> a year. THE routing WG. The <x> WG. everybody wanted to go to the routing WG. over 2 years before we had to create areas or IESG. 4 before we had to go to hotels instead of unis
[21:56:08] --- avri has joined
[21:56:49] --- wivancic has joined
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[21:57:19] <ggm> with that IETF going through bit of an evolution, dont mean to downplay. IETF has had a number of crunches in its history, managing explosive growth can be hazerdous, like contraction or any of the challenges facing the IETF, when we first added vendors and ruined the 'purity' -the first time we charged meeting fees, how the grad students, press felt. was a huge huge deal. many people might not
[21:57:33] --- Suresh Krishnan has joined
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[21:58:10] --- wivancic has joined
[21:58:11] <ggm> understand that creating the IESG was a big deal, caused contention at the time, was a fundamental change how we would decide what was a standard. how can we forget the protocol wars. OSI vs TCP. none may sound as serious as the IETF faces today, but if you were there, with a few different steps could have turned out very differently to how it is today
[21:58:35] <ggm> there was a very limited time when an ANSI group would have made the major decisions which make the IETF. thats what caused the NOMCOM process.
[21:59:14] <ggm> Not saying that anything you face now is easy or painless, but I have a lot of faith in the current leaders, got a body thats very important, Internet Society was formed by Vint Cert to eventually form a home and support structure for the IETF.
[21:59:25] <ggm> so, let me just say, the most important thing
[21:59:57] <ggm> never loose sight of what you are here for, dont become ossified as in OSI-ified [groan] let competitors work in the same group in an open meritocracy and embrace change, change you define in the end.
[22:00:09] <ggm> I would be remiss at the end if I didn't thank my family, supported me in ways they'll never know.
[22:00:12] <ggm> [applause]
[22:00:33] --- bert has left: Disconnected
[22:00:41] <ggm> Harald the Axe is back
[22:00:54] --- mstjohns has left
[22:01:06] <ggm> remember coming to the IETF as a very young person, talking about what the IETF was doing, not having a clue what he was talking about
[22:01:09] --- sommerfeld has joined
[22:01:25] <ggm> Now I bet when I talk about, as many people dont have a clue about it. thank you phil.
[22:01:29] <ggm> next report from RFC editor
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[22:02:04] <ggm> [wow. the lag is extreme. is this what xmpp is like with long subscribe lists? ]
[22:02:05] <mgupta> Do we have power in this room ??
[22:02:12] <ggm> [yes. we do. ]
[22:02:18] <mgupta> The power strip near my seat is dead :(
[22:02:20] <ggm> Bob Braden.
[22:02:28] --- leifj has joined
[22:02:34] <ggm> RFC series is premier part of Jons work. Since he died, we've been attempting to carry on the project
[22:03:09] <ggm> So. let me start that we passed the 35th anniversary, Steve Crocker wrote RFC1. earliest online publications here. currently over 80,000 pages in the series.
[22:03:23] <ggm> Just a brief report to community. changes which affect you in various ways
[22:03:23] <ggm> procedural changes.
[22:03:38] <mgupta> ggm where are you located.. I can come sit in your area :)
[22:03:46] --- AndrewDMcGregor has left: Disconnected
[22:03:46] <mgupta> I don't want my laptop to die soon :)
[22:03:50] --- AndrewDMcGregor has joined
[22:03:59] <ggm> new copyright rules. some pain. defined in what will be replacement for 2223. online page describing what RFC writers need to know.
[22:04:32] <ggm> other policy change, change in IESG rules for vetting independent submissions, on its way through RFC pipeline. main effect you will see is disclaimer, IETF disclaims any responsibility. appropriate, its not an IETF action
[22:04:32] <ggm> minor changes:
[22:04:32] <ggm> now enforce citations/refs match
[22:04:41] <ggm> we extend use of automatic checkers on language, good XML/schema.
[22:04:50] <ggm> the WG chairs now included inmessages to authors and ADs
[22:05:00] <ggm> public discussion list for RFC editor matters, RFC-Interest
[22:05:00] --- brabson has left: Disconnected
[22:05:07] --- RandyG has joined
[22:05:17] <ggm> try something new, office hours here at the IETF. staff in the lobby. people came and talked to us. good and bad of what we're doing
[22:05:28] --- bert has joined
[22:05:40] --- Doug has left
[22:06:33] --- ft has joined
[22:06:40] <ggm> felt the need to get additional input, own editorial decisions, set up advisory group. people, internal, has no power, RFC ed makes the decision, gives us a broader base of experience, tried to choose people wise and deep in Internet knowledge, particularly to review indep. submissions. list of people on slide, open to suggestions for more.
[22:06:40] --- vlevigneron has joined
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[22:07:05] <ggm> Various list services, the errata list pages linked from search engine. i-d draft names in master index
[22:07:05] <ggm> file of bibliographic entries for RFCs can cut and paste
[22:07:05] <ggm> and a QUEUE page
[22:07:07] <ggm> Numbers.
[22:07:19] --- brabson has joined
[22:07:32] <ggm> processed 132 docs, 4000 pages. received 141, 15% independent, the rest from IETF
[22:07:33] --- avri has left
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[22:07:42] <ggm> breakdown of numbers in the queue
[22:07:48] --- mstjohns has joined
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[22:08:25] --- yushun has joined
[22:08:27] <ggm> (slides on RFC ed webpage)
[22:08:27] <ggm> nice graph of flows over last 2 years, states. can see the good news: not exponential growth [laughter]
[22:08:27] <ggm> one final reminder.
[22:08:27] <ggm> please give us XML file.
[22:08:37] <ggm> saves RFC-ED a step. list of useful URLs (see the slides)
[22:08:40] --- kenh has joined
[22:08:51] <ggm> ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/IETFreports
[22:08:58] --- raeburn has left: Replaced by new connection
[22:09:04] <ggm> (has this slidepak, and all the rest of the URLs up on the screen)
[22:09:05] --- raeburn has joined
[22:10:08] <ggm> Bob ends.
[22:10:08] <ggm> Harald Lemonsqueezer returns, his axe is sheathed
[22:10:08] <ggm> IANA to the stage
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[22:10:19] --- AndrewDMcGregor has joined
[22:10:47] <jishac> mgupta: there is power against the back wall, and by the access points... kick out that access point and you'll have a mob after you though ;)
[22:10:50] <ggm> Doug Barton takes the podium
[22:10:50] <ggm> Hi from doug. keep it short.
[22:10:50] <ggm> three topics to point out.
[22:11:47] <ggm> first of all, show graph of IETF drafts, Y is days documents in QUEUE, X is days date. so its a nice downward trend. time in QUEUE is improving
[22:11:54] <ggm> next chart is 2004. trend is down, number is down, Y axis shrunk from 400 to 160
[22:11:55] <ggm> so thats for michelle
[22:12:03] <ggm> [applause]
[22:12:20] <sommerfeld> "lemonsqueezer"?
[22:12:23] --- admcd has joined
[22:12:50] <ggm> one of the happiest days in my life was when michelle came back from maternity leave. key person at IANA, deserves the credit
[22:12:50] <ggm> right side of graph we're down to 19-20 days
[22:13:15] --- wivancic has left: Replaced by new connection
[22:13:17] <mgupta> jishac: Thanks.. I will try to find something near the backwall ..
[22:14:16] <ggm> july QUEUE started with 45, ended with 35 in July, this was with staff out at ICANN mtgs. Michelle deserves the credit for 33% reduction in queue.
[22:14:16] <ggm> plans for the future.
[22:14:22] <ggm> meeting with RFC-ED. Alison Mankin, Bill Fenner and Thomas Narten, documenting the status quo
[22:14:28] <ggm> work to define what the workflow should be
[22:14:31] --- wivancic has joined
[22:15:24] <sommerfeld> there are about a half dozen open power ports in power strips in the leftmost block of seats, about 2/3 of the way back
[22:15:32] <ggm> rumour about walls between IANA, RFC-ED IESG. publically state its NOT the case. they are right upstairs, they communicate all the time.
[22:16:15] <ggm> need help. skilled staff.
[22:16:49] <ggm> crossed major Internet milestone, adding V6 glue to TLDs. full path over IPV6 transport., still need for root, but thats being worked on
[22:16:49] <Ole> Skillet staff
[22:17:45] <mgupta> I got one :) Thanks guys !
[22:17:51] <ggm> can see the IPv6 queries going up, stabilizing at a new level
[22:17:51] <ggm> many involved in getting 6 off the ground. major step
[22:17:51] <ggm> Harald back. IESG wants to report on its stuff
[22:18:52] <ggm> Bill.
[22:19:18] --- Doug has joined
[22:19:56] <ggm> data from ID tracker dumps, since mid 2002, ID tracker format changed, so this data is easiest collected from 2003. raw data all available at URL on slidepak
[22:19:56] <ggm> http://rtg.ietf.org/~fenner/iesg/data/
[22:19:56] <ggm> still trying to figure out what the best way is to look at the data
[22:20:53] <ggm> there are state changes, but we don;t know intention behind it. cant conclude too much from data we do have
[22:20:53] <ggm> talking historical data since San Fransisco
[22:20:53] <ggm> 4 datapoints. Q additions, WG asks IESG to publish document
[22:20:54] --- lisa has left: Replaced by new connection
[22:21:02] --- Tove has joined
[22:21:37] --- AndrewDMcGregor has left: Disconnected
[22:22:00] <ggm> queue removals, can be approved, returned to AD, or dead.
[22:22:45] <ggm> Alison. really good example of dead, individual to wg item, the old one becomes dead.
[22:22:50] <ggm> Bill so some is housekeeping.
[22:23:15] <ggm> some stuff (like that) count in both columns.
[22:24:19] <ggm> slide of data. you need the slidepak
[22:24:19] <ggm> queue has been getting smaller.
[22:24:32] <ggm> barheight is not anomoly. artifact of how we separate data out
[22:25:16] --- kenh has left: Disconnected
[22:25:25] --- resnick has left: Lost connection
[22:25:33] --- leslie has joined
[22:25:36] <ggm> periods between IETFs is not constant. so inter-IETF demark is not time constant
[22:26:00] <ggm> we're getting better. we can show that we get it done quicker. the queue doesnt get bigger, this slide shows we do grow faster
[22:26:45] --- Tove has left
[22:27:11] --- jis has joined
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[22:28:42] <ggm> hope things improve, I had very high error rate on 802.11
[22:28:43] --- mallman has left
[22:28:52] <ggm> now on a normalized data table
[22:29:36] <ggm> can see throughput of WG is constant. number approved went down, number dead went up, but requested/approved went up significantly even after normalizing
[22:30:22] <ggm> set of interested parties can be set, currently WG chairs, author can add AD, if they want them to follow progress
[22:31:11] <ggm> WG creation/closing/recharter graph.
[22:31:21] --- wivancic has left: Disconnected
[22:31:29] <ggm> seems like we didn't announce to 2003. already more recharters this year than last. pay more attention to milestones and goals
[22:32:06] <ggm> plan to make available between IETF, community view on web, and IESG. keep tabs on how well we're doing. send email
[22:32:20] --- Tove has joined
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[22:32:38] <ggm> Harald Stormslayer rides to the podium on his electric pony
[22:33:04] --- aen has joined
[22:33:09] <ggm> hands over to Margaret Wasserman I think (at the back, cant see from here)
[22:33:23] <ggm> PROTO team report. IESG process team
[22:33:33] <sommerfeld> yep, that's her
[22:34:11] <ggm> what is the proto team. chartered by IESG Jan 2004. scaleability, transparency, effectiveness. originally the process and tools team but processed on process. so formed sep tools team
[22:34:26] <ggm> its the process team-o so the acronym stil lworks.
[22:34:40] --- wivancic has joined
[22:35:11] <ggm> Purpose is to see what process changes will let chairs manage docs. instead of handing over to AD when pub requested, chair will keep on keeping track of the document all through process, through RFC ED Q.
[22:35:19] <ggm> Followup actions. not making decisions, sheparding
[22:35:21] <RandyG> What was the URL?
[22:35:29] --- MJDuerst has joined
[22:35:35] <ggm> changes to process are small (I missed it, and this speakers name)
[22:35:48] --- ft has left
[22:35:50] <ggm> Marg is back. one of the things we have to define is sheparding.
[22:36:09] <admcd> url was http://www.mip4.org/proto
[22:36:39] --- AndrewDMcGregor has joined
[22:36:46] --- ohira has joined
[22:37:08] --- jaltman has joined
[22:37:11] <RandyG> thanks
[22:37:11] <ggm> Ads have 3 separate roles, after document hits. review (technical) approval steps (last call, doc going into IESG review, IESG approval role etc) sheparding. sheparding means when DISCUSS or COMMENT or PROBLEM with document (these are secret words the IESG say in phone calls) following up, making sure document goes through steps. takes time
[22:37:33] --- AndrewDMcGregor has left
[22:37:48] <ggm> hard to keep them all on plate, moving at the same time. idea was to move the sheparding role to the WG chairs. they can pay more attention to specific doc than an AD can do. give WG chairs more visibility into process, faster, work better
[22:38:12] <ggm> document sheparding role
[22:38:27] <ggm> proposed set of changes to process.
[22:38:32] <mgupta> draft-ietf-proto-shepherding-00.txt
[22:38:34] --- bivenj has left
[22:38:38] <ggm> conducted a small pilot to verify and tune tthe process
[22:38:47] <mgupta> draft-ietf-proto-wgchair-doc-shepherding-01.txt
[22:38:50] <ggm> had feedback, positive.
[22:38:51] --- raj has joined
[22:39:04] <ggm> WG chairs saw increase in visibility and control
[22:39:35] <ggm> Marg again. want feedback. run larger scale experiment
[22:40:05] <ggm> determine if it meets the goals, reduces AD workload without increasing WG chair workload unneccessarily
[22:40:11] <ggm> make process faster, more transparent
[22:40:15] --- johani has joined
[22:40:49] --- wivancic has left: Replaced by new connection
[22:41:03] <ggm> on PROTO team had 3 ADs, 3 WG. thanks to all who worked on this.
[22:41:07] <ggm> Thats it. [applause]
[22:41:22] <ggm> pre>1. HARALD'S STRIFE WITH HAKE AND HIS FATHER GANDALF. Harald (1) was but ten years old when he succeeded his father(Halfdan the Black). He became a stout, strong, and comely man,and withal prudent and manly.
[22:41:37] <ggm> Now Harald the comely welcomes Bob Kahn.
[22:41:43] <mgupta> Allison Mankin, Margaret, Bill Fenner, Aaron Falk, Henrik, Davier Meyer, Barbara Fuller
[22:41:49] <mgupta> were the PROTO team members
[22:42:31] <ggm> [ggm is off to the washroom. he leaves you in other capable hands. -ggm]
[22:42:47] <mgupta> Who's in charge of the internet
[22:42:53] <mgupta> by Robert Kahn
[22:43:07] <mgupta> The world discovers the internet
[22:43:12] <mgupta> too many text on the slide :)
[22:43:43] <mgupta> Virtually every countr now views the internet as critical to its future dev
[22:44:08] <mgupta> In many nations of the world, the prevailing view is.. Some entity needs to be in charge
[22:44:20] <mgupta> the UN is best suited to provide leadership..
[22:44:20] --- johani has left: Disconnected
[22:44:38] <mgupta> The US and most developed nations are in favor of leaving this issue untouched..
[22:45:04] <mgupta> The system is not broker and not in need of fixing..
[22:45:15] <mgupta> Current Approach..
[22:45:24] <mgupta> Has evolved over a period of 30 years..
[22:45:43] <mgupta> Very decentralized system of cooperation coordination and interaction
[22:45:54] <mgupta> involving many orgs around the world..
[22:46:01] <mgupta> Ciritical elements are..
[22:46:10] <mgupta> the protocols and proceduresthat make the internet work..
[22:46:22] <mgupta> Current participants..
[22:46:30] <mgupta> Service Providers..
[22:46:38] <mgupta> Network Equipment PRoviders..
[22:46:43] <mgupta> I am too slow :(
[22:46:55] <mgupta> World Summit on the WSIS
[22:46:55] --- SharonChisholm has left: Disconnected
[22:47:26] --- javier has left
[22:48:13] --- johani has joined
[22:48:23] <mgupta> Phase 1 held in Geneva in DEc 2003
[22:48:41] <ggm> [ggm puts on the cursed ring of amber and finds he cannot take it off. his armour crumbles to dust -ggm]
[22:48:49] <ggm> So, some interim activites, about to wind up.
[22:49:07] <ggm> followon to WSIS, at that workshop, big report (citations on slides)
[22:49:24] <ggm> runup to global forum, the UN ICT taskforce ran at UN hq march 2004. vint gave opener, I gave the closer.
[22:49:52] --- javier has joined
[22:49:52] <ggm> they entitled my closing remarks as 'rough consensus and running code' will make it public when I can. made a plea to re-engage the research community in more fundamental way as we face
[22:49:55] <ggm> larger issues.
[22:50:10] --- gillos has left: Logged out
[22:50:19] <ggm> local meetings, just had one on SPAM, had prepcom 1, in tunis, June. reported findinsg, not very substantive, setting the agenda.
[22:50:45] <ggm> make no mistake, real intent, ICANN is in their sight, IETF is now, have to insure and protect, work effectively as we go into the future.
[22:50:56] <mgupta> Some Interim Observations..
[22:51:16] <ggm> few observations. hard to get agreement on what governance means,. turns out hard. right way to think about it is issues, who can contribute, focus on least developed countries, need a voice.
[22:51:54] <ggm> also realize need to leverage activities already underway. not monolithic in UN. World Trade have issues, ITU have issues, UNDP, WHO etc. thinking of it as not monolithic get better feeling of the problems.
[22:52:27] <mgupta> Some reading material link to which can't be read on the slide because it is too small ..
[22:53:04] <becarpenter> www.itu.int/wsis
[22:53:11] <ggm> lot of reading material. millenium development goals, decl or principles., summary of what happened, chairmans report (all on slidepak with URLS) press conf, vint and I were at that. ICANN came under (not attack) but, 'wise words' can be taken from that, global forum report. Markus Khuner put forward phase two, action directory at UNESCO. will put them up, get them out. however Harald suggests best
[22:53:12] <ggm> thanks
[22:53:26] --- leslie has left: Logged out
[22:53:36] <ggm> pre>His mother's brother, Guthorm, wasleader of the hird, at the head of the government, and commander(`hertogi') of the army. After Halfdan the Black's death, manychiefs coveted the dominions he had left. Among these KingGandalf was the first; then Hogne and Frode, sons of Eystein,king of Hedemark; and also Hogne Karuson came from Ringerike.
[22:53:45] <ggm> Harald now gets the IAB up.
[22:54:19] <ggm> Leslie Daigle, chair of the IAB. IAB report, and IRTF report, asking whole IAB to come on down and party on the podium
[22:54:24] --- avri has joined
[22:54:25] <mgupta> All IAB members coming up..
[22:54:30] --- ogud has joined
[22:54:31] <ggm> the are doing the line dance now...
[22:54:56] <ggm> IAB introductions.
[22:55:05] <galvinjamesm> ggm: your scribing should always be this colorful!
[22:55:54] <ggm> guys, its the PLENARY. I mean, like.. this is what the waiting room to hades is like...
[22:55:54] --- loa has joined
[22:56:10] <ggm> IAB highlights. things coming up.
[22:56:24] <ggm> messaging workshop sept/oct not firm, look at high level arch issues in messging
[22:56:32] <galvinjamesm> With 1500 of your closest friends, eh!
[22:56:37] <ggm> to identify proposals for IETF/IRTF work.
[22:56:45] <ggm> #ietf channel on IRC folks, you heard it here first
[22:56:55] <ggm> prelim report at next IETF, wkshop report.
[22:56:55] --- raj has left: Disconnected
[22:57:27] <ggm> Doc been working on draft-iab-liaison-management. companion to -statement. defines what IETF means by liaison statements, how to do it, what to do, keep track of, respomses in timely manner
[22:57:38] <mgupta> draft-iab-liaison-mgmt
[22:57:43] <ggm> couple of docs, next rev expected shortly. put out for community comment and last call for BCP as appropriate.
[22:57:48] <ggm> thats all for current activities
[22:58:09] <ggm> also working with the IESG, now handing over to Vern, IRTF chair for their overview.
[22:58:23] <ggm> keeping it quick.
[22:58:33] <ggm> what the groups have been up to. 13 groups in IRTF
[22:58:55] <ggm> quad-A, on aaa arch., finishing drafts. group to close soon, no, really soon.
[22:59:03] <mgupta> ASRG: Lots of activity, overview by chair at tomorrow's plenary
[22:59:09] <ggm> anti-spam has been very active. overview by its chair john levine tomorrow. had meeting tuesday
[22:59:14] <ggm> MARID wg met too
[22:59:33] --- marid has joined
[22:59:37] --- marid has left
[22:59:44] <ggm> Crypto forum, unusual research group. role to let IETF take crypto issues to ask for expert advice. been inactive, with one extensive discussion on truncating auth tags
[23:00:17] <tlyu> delay-tolerant networking... really relevant in this room right now :-)
[23:00:26] <mgupta> DTNRG: IDs on architecture, transport protocol, bundling protocol, Meeting this Friday afternoon
[23:01:01] <ggm> delay tolerant nets group been very active. DARPA now working on stuff based on groups activities, terrific, shows how relevent. meeting 20 people, 2nd arch being published, being used in disconnected sensor nets. stimulating way developing nations use delay tolerant to get stuff via postal system (!) two papers in ACM SIGCOMM along with tutorial., currently drafts on arch, protos. meeting this friday after regular IETF in the hotel
[23:01:23] <ggm> end2end group, not active, nor group security,. host identity protocol (HIP)
[23:01:43] <ggm> HIP is experiment report targetted, impl experiences building HIP technology, drafts out on stuff.
[23:01:55] <ggm> API, (masters theses) meet fri.
[23:02:32] <ggm> Internet measurement hasn't been active. IP MOBILITY, spun out of IETF, mobile-IP research, new drafts on credit based auth, return routability, fast handover key mgt. may take ove rl2 triggers work. met pon monday
[23:05:01] <jishac> are Vern's slide electronic anywhere
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[23:09:10] <Suresh Krishnan> Harald: Are we(IESG) doing better?
[23:09:19] --- ggm has left: Disconnected
[23:09:21] <Suresh Krishnan> James Kempf: Yes(applause)
[23:09:35] <Suresh Krishnan> Charlie perkins looking for mike
[23:09:48] --- faultylink has left: Replaced by new connection
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[23:10:24] <Suresh Krishnan> Charlie: ID submission procedure. Did not et any reason for rejection
[23:10:59] --- faultylink has left: Replaced by new connection
[23:11:00] --- ggm has joined
[23:11:01] --- faultylink has joined
[23:11:07] <Suresh Krishnan> wants more lenient treatment of RFCs and not be so rigid
[23:11:38] <ggm> [my link is too unreliable to use for this task guys. with the best will in the world I can't do this tonight -ggm]
[23:11:41] <Suresh Krishnan> Harald: Changes due to input of IPR workin groups
[23:11:46] <ggm> [just had to reboot -ggm]
[23:11:53] <Suresh Krishnan> we were a bit tardy
[23:12:09] <Suresh Krishnan> (explaining about boilerplate)
[23:12:14] <Suresh Krishnan> the world has too many laws
[23:12:53] <Suresh Krishnan> following input from lawyers
[23:12:56] --- peterd has left
[23:13:03] <Suresh Krishnan> absence of boilerplate can cause trouble
[23:13:19] <Suresh Krishnan> Charlie: Does not have to be that B&W
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[23:13:55] <Suresh Krishnan> Steve Bellovin: Cites incident about WG where there was a conflict regarding ownership of idea
[23:14:03] <Suresh Krishnan> this is a reaction not an action
[23:14:38] <Suresh Krishnan> jak: talking about comments from IESG/DISCUSS
[23:15:00] <Suresh Krishnan> (he is really pleased with the way the drafts are handled by the IESG)
[23:15:07] --- smb has left: Lost connection
[23:16:00] <Suresh Krishnan> Brian Carprenter: Ops area does not develop protocols. Is that a rule or a matter of convenience?
[23:16:48] <Suresh Krishnan> David Kessens: Not normally but as an exception it should be OK
[23:17:12] <mgupta> Mike not working !
[23:17:16] <Suresh Krishnan> Harald: Rules can be broken with good arguments
[23:17:32] <mgupta> Tried the other one.. That one didn't work either..
[23:17:42] <Suresh Krishnan> Laughter ;-)
[23:17:51] <mgupta> Name !!!!
[23:18:00] <mlshore> Matt Mathis
[23:18:17] <Suresh Krishnan> Matt: Talking about the nits document
[23:18:38] <Suresh Krishnan> (complaining about applicability to RFCs and not I-Ds)
[23:18:49] <mgupta> He doesn't have any problems with IPR text..
[23:18:58] <Suresh Krishnan> Haralds: There are 2 docs now
[23:19:09] <Suresh Krishnan> I-D checklist & I-D guidelines
[23:19:22] <Suresh Krishnan> 2) talks about boilerplate
[23:19:34] <Suresh Krishnan> they are not too good even though I wrote the last version
[23:19:44] --- faultylink has left: Replaced by new connection
[23:19:45] --- faultylink has joined
[23:20:06] <Suresh Krishnan> Allison: It is not entirely truthful about required compliance
[23:20:20] <mgupta> Who was talking :-/
[23:20:26] <Suresh Krishnan> <DKW>
[23:20:57] <Suresh Krishnan> Steve Bellovin: Talks about non-ASCII text in docs typeset with fancy editors
[23:21:23] <mgupta> Bill Fenner doesn't have the web browser that reads Microsoft character set..
[23:21:34] <mgupta> They show up as funny characters in his browser..
[23:21:35] <Suresh Krishnan> Pekka Savola:
[23:22:26] <Suresh Krishnan> Reason for publishing IDs is to be read and reviewed
[23:22:41] <Suresh Krishnan> Makes sense to make it right
[23:22:54] --- avri has left: Disconnected
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[23:23:00] <mgupta> Meeting adjourned !
[23:23:01] --- brabson has left
[23:23:02] <Suresh Krishnan> <go to the bar>
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[23:23:11] <Suresh Krishnan> <SHOW IS OVER FOLKS>
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[23:23:22] <raeburn> and 25 minutes early?!
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[23:23:37] <ggm> harald rides off to slay another dragon
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