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[20:36:06] <franck.martin> there was a question yesterday about can you use code in RFC for an implementation...
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[21:08:53] <franck.martin> with all the probe packets happening generaly, most likely to wake up the PC often?
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[21:11:53] <iljitsch> you would probably want to set some rules for what gets to wake you up
[21:12:30] <iljitsch> I recently looked at wake-on-lan which you can do across the internet with one little problem: you need directed broadcasts. these are almost never supported
[21:13:58] <franck.martin> iljitsch: a psp can wake up a ps3 but not sure how it works...
[21:14:35] <franck.martin> and they faced false wake up that they fixed
[21:16:17] <iljitsch> franck: see http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2007/09/21/wake-on-lan-dont-let-sleeping-macs-lie [http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2007/09/21/wake-on-lan-dont-let-sleeping-macs-lie]
[21:16:49] <dthaler> wake-on-lan for PCs doesn't need directed broadcasts
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[21:17:17] <iljitsch> dthaler: then how do you make the NIC see the packet if it can't respond to ARPs?
[21:17:47] <dthaler> cards support a fixed number of patterns. One of the patterns is for arp with your address in it.
[21:18:12] <iljitsch> so the card implements ARP?
[21:18:15] <dthaler> (or rather, one of the patterns the OS sets, it's not part of the firmware or hardware)
[21:18:22] <dthaler> no, the card just implements pattern matching
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[21:18:52] <dthaler> Bruce is proposing more than wake-on-lan, where the card DOES support arp
[21:19:01] <iljitsch> the trick is generating a broadcast packet with the necessary pattern (to wake up the computer) in it from over the internet
[21:19:24] <dthaler> the trick is generating a packet (not broadcast) with a patterm that will wake the computer
[21:19:40] <dthaler> sending a packet to the machine's address results in the router arp'ing which wakes the machine
[21:20:02] <iljitsch> when the ip address is gone from the arp cache of the router broadcasts are the only packets that will do this
[21:20:08] <dthaler> another pattern is directed MAC (so if the router has an arp cache entry and just forwards, it still wakes the machine)
[21:20:35] <dthaler> routers generate arps, so the remote end need not do broadcasts or know the machine is asleep
[21:21:56] <franck.martin> dthaler: easy but the machine will be always awake due to the "noise" on the Internet?
[21:22:22] <iljitsch> I'm not sure if you're talking about what's deployed today. I haven't been able to find any way to do this without generating some knd of broadcast explicitly
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[21:29:50] <yangwoo> My laptop with Vista wakes up in a few seconds after going to sleep if LAN is connected and WoL is on.
[21:30:00] <yangwoo> There seems problem in "patterns".
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[21:32:24] <franck.martin> is Lakshminath here?
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[21:38:40] <franck.martin> seems to me that WoL needs to be in rl2n
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[21:52:22] <franck.martin> is SIP a successful protocol?
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[21:54:00] <TJ> It is extremely successful in terms of the # of pages of drafts generated.
[22:00:19] <franck.martin> but what I know it is more successful than h323 ;)
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[22:04:08] <bhoeneis> We'll see once H.325 is out...;-)
[22:07:04] <iljitsch> the real fun starts when we've gotten rid of TDM
[22:07:29] <iljitsch> as someone who has configured a lot of BGP I'm not a huge fan of VoIP
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[22:10:01] <franck.martin> H.325 seems fun, I like the part in the report "Who modify SIP?", like why we did not see it coming...
[22:10:26] <franck.martin> iljitsch: I don't understand your comment re BGP/VoIP
[22:11:28] <franck.martin> in the H.325 I like also "regaining the lead.."
[22:11:34] <iljitsch> IP routing isn't the most stable thing in the world, I don't want to import those issues into my telephony
[22:13:09] <franck.martin> iljitsch: understood, but where I leave I need to try 3 times at least to make a phone call on my mobile, also it is very difficult for US operators to call me to join a conference call.... I think reliability of the phone network is overstated
[22:13:34] <mrex> KILL XML
[22:14:33] <mrex> (that could save LOTS of energy)
[22:14:37] <iljitsch> franck: it hasn't been getting much better lately
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[22:15:01] <iljitsch> but I think it's sad that we're tearing down a perfectly good infrastructure just because it saves us one or two cents a minute
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[22:15:18] <iljitsch> goes both ways: telcos shouldn't keep their prices as high as they do
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