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[08:30:24] <Magnus Westerlund> Morning Sean, I assume it is awfully early where you are or?
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[08:34:41] <Sean Turner> Yes it's like 430am, but Baby2.0 woke me at 4am so meh
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[08:34:47] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> test
[08:35:17] <Sean Turner> NP
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[08:37:04] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> Awesome dumping adium
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[08:47:40] <bridgebot> [slack] <Cory Benfield>
[08:48:18] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> Remote folks: how do things sound?
[08:48:24] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> We have a mic we can pass around if necessary.
[08:48:52] <bridgebot> [slack] <Cory Benfield> If anyone feels like I’ve omitted something from the gdoc please feel free to add to it, I’m not precious about it
[08:49:05] <bridgebot> [slack] <magnus.westerlund> Faintly for several speakers so it is hard to follow.
[08:49:12] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> ok, will see what we can do
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[08:51:18] <bridgebot> [slack] <lucasp>
[08:55:24] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> better almost immediately
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[09:07:01] <bridgebot> [slack] <Cory Benfield> For the remote participants, Jana nearly killed a couple of local participants
[09:16:30] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Will there be any limit to the maximum CID size?
[09:18:15] <bridgebot> [slack] <lars> @dmitri do you want that relayed?
[09:18:35] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Yes, if you don't mind.  There are implications to the implementations about this
[09:18:53] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> For example, a 1KB long CID is unreasonable
[09:23:53] <bridgebot> [slack] <tatsuhiro> Obviously, CID must be smaller than packet size, otherwise we cannot send NEW_CONNECTION_ID.
[09:24:09] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> hum: limited
[09:24:12] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> hmms for miited
[09:34:33] <bridgebot> [slack] <magnus.westerlund> The audio processing does something very strange with EKR's voice. It is very hard to hear. In general several people on that right side (from camera's perspective are harder to hear than those in view.
[09:35:02] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> I just moved the mic - tell us if that makes a difference
[09:35:36] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> it could also be their mic gain - investigating
[09:36:22] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> tell us if it's better next time roberto /ekr / martin speaks
[09:36:40] <bridgebot> [slack] <rpaulo> sounds like it’s the echo?
[09:37:15] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> I can try to switch you to the in-room audio, rather than the mic on the NUC
[09:38:34] <bridgebot> [slack] <magnus.westerlund> It is better now.
[09:39:12] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> Hmm, switching to in-room mics looks non-trivial (if at all possible); will try during lunch
[09:39:51] <bridgebot> [slack] <magnus.westerlund> Still some issue with especially ekrs change between tonal and plosives in his speech.
[09:40:41] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> will install EKR2.1
[09:43:48] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> for the mic: When we're saying cipher suites we're talking about recommended cipehrs right?
[09:44:03] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> the notes in the IANA registry is: CCM_8 cipher suites are not marked as "Recommended".  These
cipher suites have a significantly truncated authentication tag
that represents a security trade-off that may not be appropriate
for general environments.
[09:45:16] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> AND - we now have integrity only suites!
[09:45:48] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> thanks for relaying!
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[10:13:34] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> Are we at a Jimmy Hendrix concert?
[10:14:01] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Hmm.  Webex kicked me out
[10:14:11] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> I vote for "Alien Invasion"
[10:14:11] <Igor Lubashev> The meeting had ended.
[10:14:24] <Igor Lubashev> It was a short interim!
[10:15:33] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> I suspect they closed it down to kill the awesome reverb and will be re-starting shortly
[10:15:48] <Igor Lubashev> I really hope so. :)
[10:16:30] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> yep it's back up
[10:16:33] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Maybe it was the EKR upgrade that broke it.  Should have gone straight to EKR NT
[10:17:23] <Igor Lubashev> The were doing a rebooting upgrade.  They should had tried livepatching it.
[10:19:09] <bridgebot> [slack] <daniel> webex now says the meeting ended...
[10:20:51] <bridgebot> [slack] <magnus.westerlund> Reload from the base URL in the iniviation
[10:24:54] <bridgebot> [slack] <Cory Benfield> If you change a MAY to a SHOULD I don’t have to change my implementation. But I SHOULD.
[10:31:41] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> @Cory Benfield "SHOULD CONSIDER" 🙂
[10:31:53] <bridgebot> [slack] <Cory Benfield> SHOULD, BUT WE KNOW YOU WON’T
[10:40:49] <bridgebot> [slack] <rmarx> Audio is suddenly worse?
[10:42:27] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> how worse?
[10:45:25] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> more tunnel-y.
[10:45:44] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> hm. nothng changedhere
[10:45:47] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> I believe it was transient: due to Thanasis Pagonis not muting his mic
[10:46:08] <bridgebot> [slack] <rmarx> idd, better now
[10:46:27] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> just upped mic gain; better or worse
[10:46:28] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> ?
[10:46:31] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> the issue I was having was operator on my end - sorry
[10:46:58] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> I'd say it's about the same here, @mnot
[10:47:42] <bridgebot> [slack] <rmarx> same
[10:48:16] <bridgebot> [slack] <lars>
[10:51:09] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Audio has gone almost silent for me.  What about others?
[10:51:28] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Never mind, it was on myh end
[10:59:51] <bridgebot> [slack] <spt> As usual the minutes for these QUIC WG interims are shaping up to be exceptionally good.
[11:07:23] <Igor Lubashev> *getting in line*
[11:07:45] <bridgebot> [slack] <mnot> ack
[11:11:29] <Igor Lubashev> Scrol to the bottom of the issue
[11:50:48] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Please mute Thanasis Pagonis?
[11:50:58] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> Merci
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[12:56:39] <bridgebot> [slack] <rmarx> yes, we can hear you
[12:56:50] <bridgebot> [slack] <rmarx> yes, I can hear you
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[13:12:16] <Igor Lubashev> *for the mic*: We discussed this in Tokyo.  This is related to disable_migration that needs to be clarified.  The clarification is in issue #2389.  Namely: Set disable_migration means that packets sourced from a different IP or port are likely to be blackholed. Hence, the client SHOULD reconnect instead of attempting a connection migration.
Servers that specified "disable_migration", are free to either blockhole packets for migrating connections or to honor connection migration (after an path validation).  The implication is a server is unable to perform path validation, it should blackhole the packets.
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[15:14:42] <bridgebot> [slack] <dmitri> MIC: it would be nice propertyh if an invalid length could not be encoded
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