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Magnus Westerlund has set the subject to: Coupled congestion for RTP Media
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[00:05:04] <Randell Jesup_3255> I don't seem to be able to join 'rmcat' on from pidgin....
[00:05:30] <Sergio Mena> I'm typing this from my pidgin client
[00:05:38] <Sergio Mena> So it works for me
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[00:08:19] <Meetecho> note to chairs: Randell in the virtual queue
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[00:11:32] <Martin Stiemerling> seen, noted to the chairs
[00:11:40] <Martin Stiemerling> sorry for not seeing this earlier
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[00:28:41] <jesup> line is cut, but a few comments: even if RMCAT yields a single algorithm, having a standardized feedback message will help future work to improve on the algorithm, or to develop or deploy future algorithms
[00:29:31] <Martin Stiemerling> Randall, you will need to send this to the mailing list, as the lines are cut.
[00:31:22] <jesup> Also: it appears there are multiple implementers dealing with the bandwidth and frequency for RTCP traffic if the control is on the sender side.  Almost all algorithms *can* be moved to run entirely on one side or on the other.  Running it on the receiver side can dramatically reduce the feedback required (as Michael is saying)
[00:32:25] <jesup> We can build a generic arrival-time feedback message, or we can build a generic results-of-receiver-CC message
[00:33:08] <jesup> I'll post to the list
[00:43:52] <jesup> Sent email to the list about feedback packets
[00:45:20] <Sergio Mena_2> Yes. curremt traces in the source code amount to 10-12s only
[00:45:33] <Sergio Mena_2> they should be 1 minute long at least
[00:47:07] <jesup> hum adopt
[00:47:11] <Sergio Mena_2> (Y)
[00:47:32] <Sergio Mena_2> Stefan
[00:47:59] <Sergio Mena_2> If, when using the source code you see your approach has something we can integrate in syncodecs, don't hesistate to let us know
[01:04:30] <jesup> in the queue...
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[01:05:47] <Meetecho> jesup: waiting for the chairs to give us the go
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[01:45:19] <jesup> This is the reason I was suggesting receiver-based CC -- especially as RTCP are often not directly included in congestion control; there's an implicit assumption that it's always "low"
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[02:02:02] <Meetecho> Randell Jesup in virtual queue
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[02:08:50] <Meetecho> to people in the room, are the chairs aware Randell's waiting in line?
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[02:33:51] <jesup> stream cut out.... did it get dropped due to running over?
[02:33:59] <Meetecho> no
[02:34:19] <Meetecho> I can still hear it in our monitor
[02:34:22] <jesup> should I try rejoining?
[02:34:28] <Meetecho> yes please
[02:34:30] <Meetecho> sorry about that
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[02:34:47] <jesup> "Too late"
[02:35:03] <Meetecho> d'oh
[02:35:16] <Meetecho> you can use the mp3 stream
[02:35:19] <jesup> maybe you tap off earlier
[02:35:20] <Meetecho> that's still on
[02:35:24] <Meetecho> no no
[02:35:29] <Meetecho> we only limit access to sessions
[02:35:33] <Meetecho> but streams remain on
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[02:35:39] <Meetecho> session's over though
[02:36:28] <jesup> and they're done anyways.  Thanks in any case; they were about done.  Worked well; a few dropouts for a few seconds
[02:36:55] <Meetecho> sorry! you'll be able to catch up with the recordings :)
[02:37:00] <jesup> And remote queue/mic-lines seriously rocks :-) (WebRTC FTW!)
[02:37:23] <Meetecho> yeah! :D
[02:37:51] <Meetecho> you were its most passionate user, we should award you with a medal or something :)
[02:38:54] <jesup> Everyone should use it.  And being able to talk back and forth with the answerer/chairs/etc helps a ton
[02:39:26] <jesup> Plus you can make comments that you could never get typed in fast enough (and never get read out understandably)
[02:40:00] <Meetecho> yes, we enabled this in 4 rooms out of 8 here in yokohama
[02:40:08] <Meetecho> hopefully in the future it will be on for all of them
[02:40:19] <jesup> :-)
[02:41:17] <Meetecho> cheers, now it's time for the Meetecho team to see what Japan looks like!
[02:41:24] <Meetecho> see you in Buenos Aires!
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