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[13:34:37] <Suresh Krishnan> Is anyone taking jabber notes?
[13:43:10] <frodek> doesn't seem so. Chair did only ask for someone to take notes.
[13:45:23] <Suresh Krishnan> Ok. Thanks. I am not in the room
[13:46:35] <frodek> I'm not familiar enough with rmt and the drafts to write any useful. Sorry.
[13:58:05] <Suresh Krishnan> Cool
[13:58:25] <Suresh Krishnan> That is fine. I was just interested since there was no agenda.
[13:59:04] <frodek> Agenda is/was: - WG status update -
[13:59:57] <frodek> (ops) - RAPTOR FEC ID, Mike Luby - FEC BB Possible evolution, Lorenzo Vicisano - FEC BB for streaming? Mike Luby
[14:11:48] <Suresh Krishnan> Thanks
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