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Thomas Watteyne has set the subject to: IETF93 ROLL WG meeting
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[14:30:02] <eintopf> I hope the rfc6775 context thing will go into the right direction :-/
[16:59:04] <mcr2> you mean, 6CO into RPL?
[18:10:25] <eintopf> no
[18:10:36] <eintopf> I mean 6CO support for Linux
[18:13:58] <eintopf> I have no idea about RPL.
[18:19:02] <eintopf> I am just a little hacker which tries to implement such stuff open source...
Yeah, you with unstrung for RPL, too. It's just... I am not an expert how everything should work together and my professor at my university alreadt told me it's hard at limitation what he understand what I do.
And you are a researcher talking about current stuff not RFC6775 which is already there for years and 6CO in RPL sounds new. :-)
[18:20:22] <eintopf>
[18:20:48] <eintopf> this is also a Problem, our neighbor discovery doesn't use the optimizations from rfc6775 and makes us incompatible.
[18:21:17] <eintopf> My talk was accepted at netdev11, I need to talk with ndisc maintainers about that.
[18:22:10] <eintopf> and I think NS/NA should be still handled inside kernel
[18:50:26] <eintopf> oh this is the ROLL channel, everything is about ROLL. But in 6lo there is nobody. :-)
[18:58:13] <eintopf> I don't feeling well to tell something "we don't support that right now, sorry" and then he/she can forget completely his/her project which might was THE necessary improvements for the complete IoT world.
[19:31:05] <eintopf> but if more than RFC6775 use the context table, okay then it will be much complicated that radvd + another programm (unstrung for RPL) deals with the context table. I currently assume nobody else will manipulate the ctx table. Maybe it should be read_out before manipulating, but this sounds that it races. Then there need some semaphore handling or something else, sounds not easy. But you want to put RA handling then into unstrung which sounds good to deal with that.
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[21:51:01] <eintopf> good night
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