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[12:04:16] <Michael Richardson> unstrung needs to have some metrics built for it.
[12:04:26] <Michael Richardson> New metrics would be thesis worthy.
[12:04:52] <Michael Richardson> What is the device at the end of the USB cable?
[12:05:09] <Michael Richardson> well, I see two RPI, the cable, and two other devices...
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[13:05:36] <eintopf>
[13:05:40] <eintopf> it's the ATUSB stick
[13:05:50] <eintopf> you can't buy them anymore
[13:05:55] <eintopf> but produce some new ones
[13:06:19] <eintopf> I also port the firmware to RZUSBSTICK which works "similiar" but has basic operation only
[13:06:39] <eintopf> there was some discussion at mailinglist if you remind it
[13:06:44] <eintopf> with Raplh Dorms
[13:14:18] <eintopf> (01:04:16 PM) Michael Richardson: unstrung needs to have some metrics built for it.
[13:14:45] <eintopf> mhhh, do you know in wireless "iw" tool the "iw station dump" functionality
[13:14:45] <Michael Richardson> yes... okay.
[13:15:00] <Michael Richardson> I'm aware that iw station dump exists, but I don't know much about it.
[13:15:09] <eintopf> this will print all 1-hop neighbors and they RSSI/statistic/whatever
[13:15:20] <Michael Richardson> that's the right direction for gathering ETX factors...
[13:15:38] <eintopf> yes, we want something similiar for wpan interfaces
[13:16:06] <eintopf> and you can indicate them by extended-addr or short addr+panid
[13:29:14] <eintopf> maybe that's something for the master thesis :-)
[13:29:31] <eintopf> sounds like an easy job
[13:35:25] <eintopf> Michael Richardson: New metrics would be thesis worthy. --- Ah you already told that
[13:35:42] <eintopf> mhh, okay I will think about that
[13:43:04] <eintopf> I am currently thinking about that, because metric information are link-layer specific. So we have LQI in 802.15.4 and bluetooth has RSSI only, etc. I think the RFC for the metrics are link-layer specific as well
[13:43:25] <eintopf> then unstrung need always a separate handling for each 6LoWPAN link-layer type
[13:53:23] <eintopf> we need to talk about that again, I will write some mail and cc my networking professor
[13:55:21] <mcr2> good.
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