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Thomas Watteyne has set the subject to: IETF93 ROLL WG meeting
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[00:36:23] <eintopf> i am back from netdev 11.1
[00:36:25] <eintopf> 1.1
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[08:02:45] <eintopf> :-)
[17:23:28] <eintopf>           inet6 addr: fe80::a9cd:ff:fe00:abcd/64 Scope:Link
          inet6 addr: fe80::a8aa:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa/64 Scope:Link
[17:23:40] <eintopf>                 short_addr 0xabcd
                pan_id 0xabcd
[17:23:49] <eintopf> first step for support short_address
[17:24:12] <eintopf> if this is correct :-)
[21:28:43] <eintopf>
[21:29:15] <eintopf> there is only descibed when no pan_id is given then it should be zero for pan_id
[21:29:43] <eintopf> but what's when no short_address is given, I disable slaac for short address then
[21:29:56] <eintopf> means short_addr == 0xffff or 0xfffe
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