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Thomas Watteyne has set the subject to: IETF93 ROLL WG meeting
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[12:15:08] eintopf joins the room
[12:18:38] <eintopf> I hate to write documentations which nobody reads afterwards, I would like to hack on the short address issue :(
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[17:17:39] eintopf joins the room
[17:17:43] <eintopf> mhh
[17:17:50] <eintopf> I think I understood ipv6 today
[17:18:14] <eintopf> and I checked if my firewall works correctly, it seems to work
[17:23:04] <eintopf> yea there is no NAT and I have my router firewall only
[17:23:22] <eintopf> and I am happy that my provider provides IPv6
[21:02:26] eintopf leaves the room
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