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mcr/credil has set the subject to: IETF96 ROLL WG meeting
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[16:01:39] <mcr2> hi.
[16:01:40] <mcr2> hi.
[16:02:32] <mcr2> neighbour private data... WOOHOO.. Good.
[18:12:51] <eintopf>
[18:14:32] <eintopf> it's that, but then we have also generic 6lowpan (for "Indicating GHC Capability" RFC7400) and link-layer (e.g. 802.15.4) short address specific neighbour private data
[18:14:46] <eintopf> so then the generic stuff will be handled by net/6lowpan/...
[18:14:54] <eintopf> but we need to move more stuff in there
[18:15:05] <eintopf> I need more cola and time for that :(
[18:15:13] <eintopf> and pizza
[18:16:02] <eintopf> and RIOT short address stuff works different than my :(
[18:16:28] <eintopf> RIOT will drop NA/NS source/target address option when two are there (like the linux implementation)
[18:16:57] <eintopf> but I have implemented that it can be two there but with different length (2 (extended addr) and 1 (short addr))
[18:17:24] <eintopf> and I don't know what contiki does @ short address handling
[18:17:43] <eintopf> but the RIOT people agreed (I think) that two address option can be there
[18:18:07] <eintopf> nobody implement it because I think they have the same issue like linux ndisc (it's not easy)
[19:28:37] <mcr2> yes, more cola and pizza :-)
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