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[12:42:56] simonduq joins the room
[12:51:25] <cgundogan> hey simonduquennoy (:
[12:52:16] <simonduq> hello!
[12:53:05] <cgundogan> how are things going?
[12:53:30] <simonduq> good thanks and you?
[12:53:50] <cgundogan> fine, thank you.
[12:54:06] <simonduq> any particular discussion going on here at the moment?
[12:54:10] <cgundogan> simonduquennoy: I was wondering whether Contiki supports the non-storing mode of RPL and if not, is it planned in the future?
[12:54:39] <simonduq> likely very soon, look
[12:55:23] <simonduq> do you still have it in Riot? I seem to recall at some point you switched to storing and trashed non-storing at least temporarily?
[12:58:10] <cgundogan> Our former implementation had the non-storing mode, but we then re-implemented big parts of the network stack. During this process it was not possible to also transfer the old RPL implementation to the new network stack.
[12:58:18] <cgundogan> But I plan to also work on this once I will find some time
[12:59:04] <cgundogan> Since there are new things coming like 6LoRH it makes sense to put some effort into it
[13:02:22] <simonduq> yep
[13:02:44] <simonduq> 6LoRH is going to be a mess in Contiki, I don't know if somebody is looking into this at the moment
[13:03:34] <cgundogan> do you know by any chance if the openwsn folks support 6LoRH?
[13:05:03] <simonduq> yes they do
[13:05:09] <simonduq> they support the current drafts
[13:05:20] <simonduq> or at least they did at the time of the last 6TiSCH interop test
[13:05:31] <cgundogan> ah - okay
[13:05:34] <cgundogan> sounds great
[13:20:40] <cgundogan> simonduquennoy: nice to meet/talk to you finally off-list (: till next time!
[13:21:37] <simonduq> yep I'll try to be connected here regularly
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