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[08:24:15] <simonduq> there is something that confuses me in RFC6550, section 9.6
[08:24:27] <simonduq> regarding when to increment DTSN
[08:24:31] <simonduq>   2.  In Non-Storing mode, if a node hears one of its DAO parents
       increment its DTSN, the node MUST increment its own DTSN.
[08:24:52] <simonduq> I would have done the exact opposite! that is, increment only in storing mode
[08:24:54] <simonduq> because
[08:26:53] <simonduq> (a) in non-storing, DAOs go all the way to the root, i.e. regardless of the path they take the do no more than update, at the root, who's your parent. Therefore, if you switch parent, which would your children also need to re-advertise anything?
(b) in storing mode, the new DAO needs to follow the new path for all routes to be installed properly. Therefore, when you switch parent, you want your children to re-send a DAO so you can forward this through the new path.
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[19:30:16] <mcr/soho> hi.
[19:31:14] <mcr/soho> The DAOs only indicate your immediate parent, the root calculates the path.
[19:31:59] <mcr/soho> So if your parent changes parent, then the root re-adjusts its paths