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[08:19:56] <eintopf> I don't know :-)
[08:20:33] <eintopf> this job is a really simple job (if the use-case fits to mine) because it was mostly copy&paste from wireless subsystem
[08:20:55] <eintopf> need to talk with wireless maybe to merge some code there :-/
[08:21:03] <eintopf> but they wasn't happy about that idea
[08:21:20] <eintopf> they don't want to maintain more
[08:21:49] <eintopf> the original idea was also to put 802.15.4 functionality in iw
[08:39:10] <eintopf> I sign me up @freelancer and would write "everything is already there"
[08:39:16] <eintopf> but it's closed :-)
[15:22:39] <eintopf> okay
[15:22:55] <eintopf> I talked with some other maintainers in linux, we will move from debugfs to netlink
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[15:45:52] <mcr/soho> netlink for setting 6CO?  That's probably the right answer, yes. It would be nice to be able to view it in debugfs though.
[15:57:34] <eintopf> I thought you wanted sysfs :D
[15:58:17] <eintopf> the point is I should not add upstream radvd stuff for things which use debugfs
[17:48:29] <mcr/soho> I want to be able to view it without magic software, that's all.
[17:56:57] <eintopf> debugfs
[17:57:12] <eintopf> mcr: we have something for that in debugfs
[17:57:15] <eintopf> contexts/show
[17:57:33] <eintopf> a cat on that - it will show the same like in riot the 6ctx command
[17:57:45] <mcr/soho> yup, saw it today.
[17:59:53] <eintopf> yippie
[18:00:39] <eintopf> you did some tests with stateful compression stuff?
[18:06:53] <mcr/soho> working on it NOW.
[18:07:02] <mcr/soho> (well, on a con call, but in the middle of it)
[18:10:22] <eintopf> oh
[18:10:32] <eintopf> I hope you will have no issues to get it running
[18:11:38] <eintopf> some sidenote, when interface get's down all contextes will be flushed
[18:12:29] <eintopf> I did that because L3 addresses will also be gone
[18:15:05] <mcr/soho> yes, makes sense.
[18:20:36] <eintopf> fe80::ff:fe00:2 dev lowpan0 lladdr 8a:cd:af:5b:a5:dc:34:e2 STALE short_addr 0x0002
fe80::88cd:af5b:a5dc:34e2 dev lowpan0 lladdr 8a:cd:af:5b:a5:dc:34:e2 STALE short_addr 0x0002
[18:21:03] <eintopf> I will paste the output somewhere else
[18:21:27] <eintopf>
[18:21:41] <eintopf> i added the short_addr stuff to "ip -6 neigh" ;-)
[18:22:11] <eintopf> first step to deal with RTNL api
[18:22:30] <eintopf> but don't know if it's mainlinable what I did there
[18:23:34] <eintopf> mhh, but I don't see all addresses in this dump
[18:24:38] <eintopf> ip netns exec wpan3 ping6 ff02::1%lowpan3
[18:24:52] <eintopf> after that all will be visable
[18:28:45] <eintopf> because I will try to add the 6CTX stuff etc to RTNL
[18:29:14] <eintopf>
[18:29:21] <eintopf> bigger example with some more nodes
[18:29:30] <eintopf> (pan id is 0x000)
[20:26:44] <eintopf> I go sleep now
[20:26:53] <eintopf> tomorrow I will look into netlink API
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