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[10:07:04] <eintopf> ok
[11:24:03] <eintopf> I have also some different question about btle 6lowpan
[11:24:09] <eintopf> a MTU question
[11:24:18] <eintopf> I think somebody had not in the mind that with 6lowpan header it can be greater than the previous IPv6 packet
[11:24:40] <eintopf> previous IPv6 packet, before 6lowpan adaptation layer
[11:26:06] <eintopf> I talked with somebody (I think from zephyr project) about an hour how to handle that correctly
[11:26:59] <eintopf> 12:05 < eintopf> scenario:
12:05 < eintopf> you get IPv6 + payload which is 1280 bytes large
12:05 < eintopf> you doing your 6LoWPAN stuff and decide to add a dispatch that your transmit raw IPv6
12:05 < eintopf> your complete payload is now 1281 bytes large
[11:27:09] <eintopf> the question is "how to set L2 MTU"
[11:27:31] <eintopf> because in some specification it need to be set to 1280 the same like IPv6 MTU
[11:27:55] <eintopf> and with 6LoWPAN worst-case stuff it can be greater than 1280
[14:22:26] <eintopf> okay the MTU cannot be larger than 1280 bytes if IPHC works correctly
[14:22:34] <eintopf> and only with IPHC it works
[14:23:00] <eintopf> and correctly, I mean -> always checks if compression do not add more bytes than sending raw, if so sending raw stuff
[14:23:03] <eintopf> then it works
[14:23:11] <eintopf> took 4 hours to understand it!
[15:23:02] <mcr> ok.
[16:47:46] <eintopf> you want to write the mail because short address handling?
[17:04:00] <eintopf> btw: can we talk about my master thesis work @ IETF?
[17:04:19] <eintopf> I not started the work yet and I need to finish my study
[17:49:19] <mcr> I'
[17:50:11] <mcr> I'd love to chat about your masters' work!   Come to the F-interop workshop on Monday night, and let's do drinks afterwards?
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[21:03:30] <eintopf> okay, when I found the F-interop workshop
[21:03:43] <eintopf> ah. There exists some schedule stuff
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