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[10:13:26] <mcr> hi.
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[10:35:18] <roll-wg> Hello, this is the jabber room for ROLL Interim 20200525
[10:40:25] <mcr> hello roll-wg.
[10:40:57] <roll-wg> how are you Michael_
[10:41:32] <roll-wg> thank you for joining :)
[10:41:55] <mcr> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq9LcwC7CoY <- I am totally into calculus and trig this weekend.
[10:42:13] <mcr> i**i = 0.2!
[10:42:29] <roll-wg> cool!!!!
[10:43:29] <roll-wg> I love math, I will for sure check the video, thank you :)
[10:43:39] <mcr> or, it can also be equal to 0.000388
[10:43:53] <mcr> he has a whole series. start from lockdown 1.
[10:44:22] <roll-wg> I need my monthly math dosis, those videos will do it for sure
[10:45:23] <roll-wg> I like to audit coursera courses about those topics
[10:46:43] <mcr> Grant looks and sounds like young Rick Astley. Not quite as deep a voice.
[10:48:19] <mcr> i**i also equals 111
[10:49:31] <mcr> oh. I'm trying to share content.  It now takes really long to share.
[10:49:38] <mcr> I can hear you, but my browser is stuck.
[10:49:51] <mcr> sound is good.
[10:50:03] <mcr> some heavy breathing.
[10:50:28] <roll-wg> ah ok thank you
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[10:53:00] <mcr> Abbreviated Option Option
[10:53:07] <mcr> Abbreviated Option Option Option Option
[10:54:17] <roll-wg> hehe mm maybe that can be associated with the future compression mechanisms, I was thinking
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