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[09:11:34] <Susan Hares> I'm not hearing any sound.
[09:11:44] <Susan Hares> Is there a problem with meetecho?
[09:12:00] <Susan Hares> sound is now working.
[09:12:13] <Susan Hares> I think the chairs forgot to turn on the microphone.
[09:12:20] <Meetecho> (y)
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[09:15:02] <DHRUV DHODY> I am your Jabber scribe, please use [mic] in chat if you would like me to take it to the mic.
[09:20:52] <Susan Hares> Dhruv - please ask when they plan to WG LC.
[09:21:18] <Susan Hares> Also, Keyur Patel's point is important.
[09:22:46] <Susan Hares> TEll Acee that I am holding the BGP model based on this draft.
[09:23:07] <Susan Hares> Dhruv - please respond to Aeee at this point.
[09:24:28] <Susan Hares> Jeff Tansura asked me to hold the BGP model.
[09:43:40] <Jeffrey Haas> Dhruv, would you remember to put the name speakers at the mic into the chat?
[09:43:56] <DHRUV DHODY> sure
[09:44:01] <DHRUV DHODY> that was tony Li
[09:44:13] <Jeffrey Haas> TY.  Previous speaker was?
[09:44:47] <DHRUV DHODY> Tony Li was the previous speaker
[09:45:00] <DHRUV DHODY> Now Jeff
[09:45:16] <Jeffrey Haas> prior to tony li?
[09:46:18] <DHRUV DHODY> let me find out
[09:47:47] <DHRUV DHODY> Before that it was greg mirsky (just wanted to be sure if i missed some one in between(
[09:48:53] <Jeffrey Haas> ty
[10:00:51] <DHRUV DHODY> Question from Chris
[10:10:00] <DHRUV DHODY> Sam Aldrin on mic
[10:12:42] <DHRUV DHODY> Tony Li on mic now
[10:15:55] <DHRUV DHODY> Igor Gashinsky
[10:17:05] <DHRUV DHODY> Acee Lindam now
[10:19:12] <DHRUV DHODY> That was igor again btw
[10:23:26] <DHRUV DHODY> Acee Lindam
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