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[09:53:07] <jimsch> Working on the administrative Task slide
[09:53:11] <jimsch> slide: Agenda
[09:54:58] <jimsch> Requirements report
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[10:13:39] <jimsch> Architecture Report
[10:22:11] <David Waltermire> Which of the section 3.1.3 subsections are providers and which are controllers?
[10:22:38] <David Waltermire> Are they intended to be both?
[10:23:11] <jimsch> It is thought that they could be any or all of providers, consumers and controllers
[10:23:19] <David Waltermire> It's not clear reading the text.
[10:23:32] <jimsch> That I can believe.  I have not reviewed the text yet myself
[10:23:58] <jimsch> I also think that sectio 3.1.3 should follow current 3.1.4 logically
[10:24:21] <David Waltermire> Should 3.1.3 read "types of Providers, Consumers, and Controllers"?
[10:24:22] <Adam Montville> Sounds like some issues to submit in github
[10:24:39] <jimsch> Yes I would think that it should
[10:24:59] <jimsch> agreed.  I will probably start doing that next week.  Hard to use github on an airplane
[10:25:45] <David Waltermire> Also, its not clear what the difference is between a data store and a repository.
[10:26:11] <jimsch> Is there a difference?  What do you think it is?
[10:26:33] <David Waltermire> From my understanding, I am not sure there is a difference.
[10:27:11] <jimsch> I tend to think that they are also the same think.  I would probably comment to that effect at some point in the future.
[10:28:26] <Ira McDonald> Large Meetecho fixed slide covers most of screen - the document is 1/4 of the bottom of the screen - no slides showing
[10:29:04] <Meetecho> Ira McDonald: are you local or remote?
[10:29:21] <David Waltermire> Is the suggestion to create a new design team?
[10:30:02] <Meetecho> if you're on Meetecho, it might mean the placeholder was not removed when the slides started: check if leaving and rejoining fixes that, sorry about this...
[10:30:15] <Ira McDonald> remote - watching passively - no slides
[10:31:10] <Ira McDonald> there *were* slides earlier in this session - I'll drop and return
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[10:31:38] <jimsch> I think that is what Lisa is saying.  Nancy and I were able to do work via email on things.  I don't think Lisa is able to do that as well.
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[10:32:21] <David Waltermire> Adam, its good to have a forcing function with a meeting.
[10:32:34] <Ira McDonald> rejoined - slides are now back - thanks!
[10:37:33] <David Waltermire> Can you label the TODO items that need text?
[10:38:21] <jimsch> I think that is part of her plan for labeling.  I will follow up later
[10:38:33] <David Waltermire> ok
[10:40:07] <David Waltermire> We are working to document output from the endpoint IDT
[10:40:51] <jimsch> Do you want that reflected to the mic?  if so prefix with mic so that I know
[10:41:18] <David Waltermire> no need. thanks.
[10:51:20] <David Waltermire> MIC: Is a Plasma provider an endpoint or a broker to the endpoint?
[10:52:12] <David Waltermire> I mean the "target endpoint" above
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[10:54:45] <Adam Montville> @dave let me know if that wasn't right
[10:55:03] <David Waltermire> Just trying to grok the figure
[10:55:17] <Adam Montville> Keep asking
[10:55:24] <Adam Montville> I can translate all day
[10:55:45] <David Waltermire> So it can be anything?
[10:56:40] <David Waltermire> MIC: So it is a C <-> P transport?
[10:57:03] <David Waltermire> ok
[10:57:05] <Adam Montville> thanks
[10:57:34] <jimsch> David - ask direct questions now if you want
[10:58:43] <David Waltermire> I was wondering where plasma would be used as a transport. Could NEA and PLASMA be used together?
[10:59:23] <David Waltermire> OVAL has no transport
[10:59:33] <jimsch> I would think that yes, plasma could be used to transport NEA data between the entities.  I.e. any place where you would send data grams between entities it could be used.
[10:59:37] <Adam Montville> i stated as a "data model" did that not come throught?
[10:59:57] <jimsch> It currently is written using XML as the underlying grammar for the protocol.  
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[11:00:45] <David Waltermire> Adam, yeah. Clear on the data model point
[11:01:01] <Adam Montville> Just wanted to ensure it was picked up by the mic
[11:02:39] <David Waltermire> Note that other area reviews will be requested on requirements?
[11:03:26] <Adam Montville> thanks dave good idea
[11:03:52] <David Waltermire> Thanks
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