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[00:12:40] Karen O'Donoghue joins the room
[00:14:09] Karen O'Donoghue leaves the room
[23:43:35] Adam Montville joins the room
[23:44:01] joins the room
[23:44:14] <> And we're backā€¦
[23:45:27] leaves the room: Disconnected: Replaced by new connection
[23:45:30] joins the room
[23:48:36] <Adam Montville> Does that mean you're jabber scribe today?
[23:48:49] rdanyliw joins the room
[23:48:52] <> Wait, is there an option?
[23:48:56] Meetecho joins the room
[23:48:59] <Adam Montville> no
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