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[13:02:57] <dl0> Is anyone scribing for this session?
[13:03:40] --- jhutz has joined
[13:04:03] <jhutz> we just started. we bashed the agenda, and now people are actually using the mic
[13:04:15] <jhutz> for folks who don't know yet, we have audio streaming
[13:04:27] <jhutz> Russ Housley is now ranting at us.
[13:04:41] <jhutz> russ: the core drafts have been sitting for about 18 months
[13:04:47] <jakob> btw, sound is very low level
[13:05:06] <jhutz> russ: it takes 9 iesg members to approve a document; these have been
[13:05:26] <jhutz> russ: waiting for so long, iesg members have left and we have only 8 votes
[13:05:34] <jhutz> russ: so I have no choice but to put it on the agenda again
[13:05:49] <jhutz> russ: I am no longer shepard for this wg; Sam is. So I'll make a "threat"...
[13:05:51] <hartmans> scribing of secsh appreciated since I'm not there
[13:06:13] <jhutz> russ: If this isn't ready to go on the agenda in 6 weeks, I'll send it back
[13:06:25] <jhutz> russ: to the WG and it will require full AD review, last call, etc.
[13:06:38] <jhutz> russ: because it has been paged out for so long, that is only fair to the community
[13:06:47] <jhutz> wesommer: I have a question
[13:07:04] <jhutz> wesommer: we've been waiting for an answer from the IPR WG. They came to
[13:07:55] <jhutz> wesommer: some resolution earlier this week, but it's not final. how to handle?
[13:08:14] <jhutz> russ: treat it as if it will stand; couple it to IESG approval - if the IESG approves the
[13:08:27] <jhutz> russ: document, that will serve as approval of the IPR answer for these docs
[13:09:11] <jhutz> wesommer: waiting for the ipr draft to be approved out of IPR would be a long wait
[13:09:17] <jhutz> wesommer: not having to wait that long is good.
[13:09:27] <jhutz> Russ's rant is over, now he must depart
[13:09:50] <jhutz> If someone has the audiocast URL and can post it, that would be good
[13:10:03] <jhutz> WG status
[13:10:11] <jhutz> wesommer: core drafts have been waiting a long time
[13:10:16] <bjh21> http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/ietf626.m3u
[13:10:17] <jhutz> wesommer: a new rev of the IPR docs
[13:10:31] <jhutz> wesommer: quick summary of ipr/trademark issue
[13:10:50] <jhutz> wesommer: reminter/pointer to issue tracking (https://rt.psg.com; get the cert at http://rt.psg.com)
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[13:11:06] <jhutz> wesommer: one doc in RFC-editor queue wiating on core drafts
[13:11:10] <jhutz> Fun with UTF-8
[13:11:24] <jhutz> wesommer: last meeting we had a proposal to clarify use of UTF-8 usernames/passwords
[13:11:29] <jhutz> wesommer: use of saslprep was recommended
[13:11:32] --- hartmans has left
[13:11:51] <jhutz> wesommer: after meeting, issues wrt saslprep done by client were found; recommended to have the server do it
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[13:12:03] <jhutz> wesommer: misc minor changes/wordsmithing/etc
[13:12:12] <jhutz> wesommer: I am going to put my foot down; no more of this, "ship it"
[13:12:20] <jhutz> wesommer: misc drafts...
[13:12:43] <jhutz> wesommer: corresponding with authors of kbdinteract, dh-group-exchange; IESG is waiting for revised versions
[13:12:50] <jhutz> wesommer: newmodes, gsskeyex expired
[13:13:02] <jhutz> wesommer: filexfer - waiting for someone to say it's done to do WGLC
[13:13:08] --- nicow3k has joined
[13:13:41] <jhutz> wesommer: various other proposals, expired
[13:13:49] <jhutz> wesommer: milestones are really stale. I want to revise them...
[13:14:03] <jhutz> Strawman....
[13:15:18] <jhutz> Apr 05 - GSSAPI ready for WGLC Apr 05 - WGLC newmodes Drop - Agent draft ready for WGLC Drop - Publish draft on X.509v3/pkix support Apr 05 - Resurrect and last call secsh-break Apr 05 - File transfer draft ready for WGLC Dec 07 - IESG approval of core drafts :-)
[13:15:30] <jhutz> wesommer: The last one is a joke, but considering progress so far...
[13:15:46] <hartmans> Besides the last one looks good to me
[13:15:56] <jhutz> wesommer: We'll substitute a milestone consistent with Russ's ultimatim, like May 05
[13:17:03] <jhutz> is that reasonable?
[13:17:28] <hartmans> I think so, Russ did not respond
[13:17:48] <hartmans> Russ says he gave you six weeks.
[13:18:00] <jhutz> Yeah.
[13:18:24] <jhutz> wesommer: OK. We're done.
[13:18:53] <jhutz> wesommer: now to twist arms on extrensions draft authors
[13:19:31] <nicow3k> the meeting is done?
[13:19:38] <lha> meeting is over
[13:19:39] <bjh21> Sounds like it.
[13:19:42] <jakob> ttfn
[13:20:00] <nicow3k> cool, now come on over to ICOS BoF :)
[13:20:00] <jhutz> yes, the meeting is over
[13:20:10] <jhutz> um, no. I have a summary to write.
[13:20:19] <hartmans> Come join the party at icos;)
[13:20:32] --- jakob has left: Disconnected
[13:20:35] <jhutz> when russ left, he called icos a "bloodbath". I prefer to bathe in water
[13:21:08] <nicow3k> so far it sounds no different than this morning's EAP meeting, with a slightly different focus :)
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[13:22:09] <jhutz> You'll note that I went upstairs to sleep rather than go to reap
[13:22:13] <jhutz> s/reap/eap
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