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[14:53:04] tobia castaldi joins the room
[14:54:15] alessandro amirante joins the room
[14:55:46] Carlos Valderrama joins the room
[14:56:50] <alessandro amirante> ciao
[14:56:53] <alessandro amirante> questa รจ una chat
[14:57:35] <tobia castaldi> ciao
[14:57:39] <tobia castaldi> ciao 2
[14:57:42] <alessandro amirante> dopo voglio provare a generare i sottotitoli per metterli in youtubbe
[14:57:43] <Carlos Valderrama> ciaone
[14:57:54] <alessandro amirante> ora sto scrivendo
[14:58:28] Carlos Valderrama leaves the room
[14:59:51] tobia castaldi leaves the room
[14:59:55] alessandro amirante leaves the room
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