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[16:36:12] <csp> TAPS @ IETF 96
[16:36:19] <csp> WG status slides
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[16:38:34] <csp> Slide: “Need for northbound info”
[16:38:55] <csp> Is there anyone remote? Is the AV working?
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[16:43:19] <csp> Update on draft-ietf-taps-transport-usage – Naeem Khademi presenting
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[16:47:45] <csp> Features of UDP and UDP-lite – Gorry Fairhurst presenting
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[16:51:54] <csp> Do we merge with draft-ietf-taps-transports-usage? No
[16:52:05] <csp> Update on draft-gjessing-taps-minset-02 - Michael Welz presenting
[16:56:39] <csp> Q: does “automatable” prohibit the application from controlling the features? (Aaron Falk) no
[16:57:26] <csp> Q: is this draft done? No. Updates coming.
[16:58:27] <csp> “On the cost of using happy eyeballs…” - Anna Brunstrom presenting
[16:59:53] <csp> Slides based on IRTF ANRW paper:
[17:08:51] <csp> Q (Tommy Polly, Apple): how parallel are the connection requests - simultaneous? Yes.
[17:09:43] <csp> Their (Apple’s) experience with IPv4/IPv6 Happy Eyeballs shows that biasing in favour of one protocol can significantly reduce costs. Can they do something similar for transport protocols?
[17:10:37] <csp> Anna has a-priori preference, but no learning and caching
[17:11:38] <csp> Q (Stephen Strowes, Yahoo): like the idea. how does happy eyeballs at the transport interplay with happy eyeballs at the network layer?
[17:12:02] <csp> How does it relate to ICE?
[17:12:23] <csp> Anna: Not studied
[17:12:38] <csp> Tommy (Apple): they have some experience. Needs to be done with care.
[17:14:26] <csp> Q (varun singh): ICE wg has related results; cullen jennings has data. they see 30+ candidates for ipv4/v6 today. this will make much worse.
[17:15:05] <csp> varun: congestion control for this is hard
[17:16:38] <csp> Colin Perkins: this happy eyeballs is essentially ICE. scope for coordination
[17:16:56] <csp> Michael Tuxen: ???
[17:17:29] <csp> “Post Sockets: A Generic API for…” - Brian Trammell presenting
[17:24:50] <csp> Colin Perkins: like this. add deadlines.
[17:25:27] <csp> Colin Perkins: related - the last presentation coming in the session; also, Clark and Tennenhouse paper on ALF (SIGCOMM, ’85?)
[17:25:48] <csp> Tommy: like
[17:26:00] <csp> “Socket Intents” - Philipp Tiesel presenting
[17:31:16] <csp> “Implementing real-time transport services over an ossified network” - Stephen McQuistin presenting
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[17:31:32] <csp> Presentation based on
[17:40:18] <csp> Michael Tuexen: PR-SCTP does much of this
[17:41:01] <csp> Brian Trammel: is a little sceptical of the inconsistent retransmissions; would like to see larger scale measurements.
[17:41:21] <csp> End of WG session
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