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[14:00:47] <gorryf> Is anyone else having issues connecting to webex?
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[14:23:41] <gorryf> well done Mark, that was a long job: the RTO-Consider now looks in good shape!
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[15:02:30] <Mirja> I did have the AccECN Option in my implementation but not the fallback testing during the handshake…
[15:04:27] <Mirja> which made me realise how messed up the whole TCP option implementation was in the Linux kernel
[15:05:01] <Mirja> I think that changed now but at that time you basically had a separate code path for each combination of options
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[16:14:06] <martin.duke> (discussion in the webex chat about bringing ABC to PS)
[16:15:45] <martin.duke> ABC has no errata so there isn't really any need for a bis.
[16:20:27] <bob.briscoe> That's what I was going to say - need to do ACK thinning properly at L4, so it's not done without knowledge of context in the network.
[16:22:48] <michael.welzl> Regarding ABC: there was a bit of recent list discussion not too long ago, regarding some part of it not being implemented in Linux. This was related to burst limitation. Mark (as the author of ABC) was also involved, and he said that some part of it (the L limiting burstiness) may not be a good way to do it in modern networks. So this probably does need an update, incorporating Linux implementation experience.
[16:31:20] <martin.duke> I think we should adopt this draft only if we decide this is a problem we want to solve
[16:31:35] <martin.duke> in particular, I'd like to understand Gorry's objections, which I understand to be global
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