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[01:54:12] <Rich Salz> /topc TEEP AT IETF 106
[01:54:18] Rich Salz has set the subject to: TEEP AT IETF 106
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[01:55:50] <Rich Salz> Agenda https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/agenda-106-teep/
[01:56:05] <Rich Salz> I'm your jabber scribe if you want something said at the microphone, put mic in front or ping me.
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[02:02:22] <Rich Salz> note well
[02:02:29] <Rich Salz> administrative tasks
[02:03:32] <Rich Salz> p4 agenda
[02:04:34] <Rich Salz> Hackathon report, Akira
[02:05:04] <Rich Salz> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/slides-106-teep-sessb-teep-hackathon-report/
[02:05:20] <Rich Salz> p2 what we planned
[02:05:55] <Rich Salz> p3
[02:05:59] <Rich Salz> p4 what got done
[02:06:03] <Rich Salz> p5 on the table
[02:06:10] <Rich Salz> p6 tam's ui for uploading TA
[02:06:15] <Rich Salz> p7 TEEP device
[02:06:36] <Rich Salz> p8 hacking debugging
[02:06:40] <Rich Salz> p9 teep device installing ta
[02:06:51] <Rich Salz> p10 what we learned
[02:07:38] <Rich Salz> p11 what went well
[02:08:24] <Rich Salz> p12 future considerations
[02:09:43] <Rich Salz> p13 hardware recommendations
[02:10:58] <Rich Salz> Hannes at the mic
[02:11:48] <Rich Salz> Dave Thaler
[02:12:38] <Rich Salz> p14 software stack recommendation
[02:14:12] <Rich Salz> p15 Nice to have? Or out of scope?
[02:15:53] <Rich Salz> p16 my note from hackathon
[02:16:29] <Rich Salz> p`7 wrap up
[02:16:51] <Rich Salz> Dave Thaler, https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/slides-106-teep-sessb-teep-architecture/
[02:17:12] <Rich Salz> p1
[02:17:27] <Rich Salz> p2 Normative language
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[02:21:40] <Rich Salz> Hannes
[02:22:30] <Rich Salz> p3 normative language 2/2
[02:22:55] <Rich Salz> p4 REE terminology
[02:24:40] <Rich Salz> p5 TEE terminology 1/2
[02:25:17] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> .oO{Defining "TEE" requires a definition of "trusted" and thus
[02:26:58] <Rich Salz> p6 TEE terminology 2/2
[02:28:29] <Rich Salz> Hannes
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[02:33:35] <Rich Salz> Laurence Lundblade
[02:35:54] <Rich Salz> Ben Kaduk
[02:36:22] <Rich Salz> Hannes
[02:37:41] <Rich Salz> Laurence
[02:40:28] <Rich Salz> Rich Salz
[02:40:30] <Rich Salz> Giri
[02:43:08] <Rich Salz> p7 Issues relevant to SUIT
[02:43:32] <Rich Salz> p8 Dependencies on/from TA's 1/2
[02:44:56] <Rich Salz> Hi,@Jim.  Sorry you're not here :)
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[02:46:31] <Rich Salz> p9 Dependencies … 2/2
[02:47:35] <Rich Salz> p10 Security domains 1/2
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[02:50:15] <Rich Salz> p11 Security domains 2/2
[02:50:53] <Rich Salz> Ben Kaduk
[02:51:43] <Rich Salz> Mingliang via meetecho
[02:53:17] <Rich Salz> p12 Keeping secrets from the TAM 1/2
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[02:55:20] <Meetecho> Just as a heads-up to chairs, Mingliang is still active in the queue (not sure if this is intended, or if he completed his question?)
[02:55:26] <Rich Salz> p13 Keeping secrets from the TAM 2/2
[02:55:46] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Meetecho: he is almost certain to be the next person that needs to
speak, so this is okay as-is
[02:55:53] <Meetecho> (y)
[02:56:14] <Meetecho> Just wanted to be sure it wasn't an oversight, thanks for the clarification!
[02:56:24] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Thank you for checking!
[02:59:16] <Rich Salz> Hannes
[03:02:40] <Rich Salz> p14 Multiple TAM URIs for a TA
[03:08:06] <Rich Salz> p15 Trust anchor storage
[03:10:02] <Rich Salz> p16 Device secure storage vs TEE
[03:11:29] <Rich Salz> Hannes at the mic
[03:15:30] <Rich Salz> Giri
[03:15:44] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Ming in the queue after Laurence
[03:16:43] <Rich Salz> Laurence
[03:20:34] <Rich Salz>     Hannes
[03:21:53] <Rich Salz> Laurence
[03:22:44] <Rich Salz> p17 Trust Anchor Update
[03:24:13] <Rich Salz> Ben
[03:26:22] <Rich Salz> Hannes
[03:27:15] <Rich Salz> Ming
[03:27:48] <Rich Salz> p18 Summary of potential SUIT manifest requirements
[03:28:01] <Rich Salz> p19 issues relevant to rats
[03:28:27] <Rich Salz> david waltermire
[03:32:28] <jimsch1> I wouls suggest put them in both and cross reference them.
[03:32:46] <Rich Salz> p20 attestation 1/2
[03:33:40] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Sure, but the SUIT manifest people will only have to look at their own
issues even if we do the cross-linkage with teep issues
[03:34:34] <Rich Salz> Create a SUIT issue that has nothing but @ietf-suit/#21 (or wahtegver)
[03:34:48] <Rich Salz> p21 Attestation 2/2
[03:34:53] <Rich Salz> Laurence
[03:35:48] <Rich Salz> Giri
[03:37:37] <Rich Salz> Ben
[03:39:00] <Rich Salz> p22 TAM validation of a device cert
[03:40:09] <Rich Salz> Ben
[03:41:28] <Rich Salz> Ming
[03:42:18] <Rich Salz> Laurence
[03:43:49] <Rich Salz> Russ Housley
[03:44:04] <Rich Salz> Hannes
[03:46:02] <Rich Salz> p23 RATS Claims
[03:48:35] <Rich Salz> Ming
[03:49:58] <Rich Salz> Ben
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[03:51:18] <Rich Salz> p24 Other TEEP issues
[03:51:24] <Rich Salz> p25 TEEP conceptual APIs
[03:53:13] <Rich Salz> p26 Rich Execution Environment security
[03:53:56] <Rich Salz> p27 Editorial-only
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[03:54:28] <Rich Salz> @Sorin, can you attend the second session?
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