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[14:31:25] <akira.tsukamoto> Have the webex started yet? I am not able to connnect yet
[14:32:33] <jimsch1> Yes it is running
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[14:35:18] <cabo> Of course we want a jabber room
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[14:36:34] <akira.tsukamoto> Thanks I was ablt to enter webex
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[15:08:34] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> It's been like a year and a half since RFC 8446 came out; shouldn't
all new protocols just say "use TLS 1.3"?
[15:09:21] <jimsch1> But lots of existing systems may not have it
[15:09:46] <kaduk@jabber.org/barnowl> Those systems also don't have TEEP Protocol support...
[15:10:14] <jimsch1> But the TEEP update may be at a different level
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[15:28:35] <mcr> there is a Kiran in the webex, which I can't match to the bluesheet, and I think Sorin Faibish(Dell) on Bluesheet, so are they the same?
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[16:32:40] <ko-isobe> bye
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