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[19:00:00] <henrik> Where's the party?? I'd expected oodles of people here ,,:-D
[19:00:07] <RjS> heh
[19:00:16] <henrik> Will Steve be joining us?
[19:00:23] <RjS> I've poked ryan
[19:00:28] <RjS> and am trying now to poke steve
[19:00:30] <henrik> Yes, I invited hi too
[19:00:35] <henrik> s/hi/him/
[19:00:58] <henrik> He looks to be online to me, but maybe my auth have gone bad
[19:01:03] <henrik> eh, offline
[19:01:09] <RjS> offline to me too
[19:01:23] <RjS> but I just got email from him, so I sent the pointer in a reply to that
[19:01:35] <RjS> so, we surprised ryan with this release
[19:02:21] <RjS> and there are still some parts of the production system that are using the separate server
[19:02:28] <RjS> he's looking to make sure we're not about to break those
[19:04:13] <RjS> while we're waiting for them (unless you're busy making the migration change) would you check michael's email about the data dump and see that we have what we need?
[19:05:39] <henrik> I saw that on the way here — but I think he's missed what went into this release — we do have both the pinned and badness fields, so shouldn't need to exclude those
[19:06:03] <RjS> ok
[19:06:43] <henrik> Could we get the complete dump and filter ourselves if needed?
[19:08:52] <RjS> seeing if I can reach michael
[19:12:07] mcr joins the room
[19:12:20] <mcr> hi there.
[19:12:46] <RjS> hi michael - I'm trying to round up ryan and steve
[19:13:24] <RjS> henrik notes that we do have the pinned and badness fields available
[19:13:57] <RjS> could we perhaps get a full dump in case we need to adjust filters as we're figuring this out?
[19:15:33] <mcr> yes, I can do the dump with the pinned and badness fields.
[19:16:15] <mcr> those fields will mostly be useless with the current code, and they will default sanely as well.
[19:16:38] <mcr> van88test-all-fields.json
[19:17:36] <RjS> both ryan and steve are having difficulty joining this room
[19:17:51] <RjS> I'm seeing if they can join
[19:18:01] <henrik> Yes, good idea
[19:19:10] <RjS> yeah - ryan can get there at least
[19:19:15] <RjS> lets move over there
[19:19:27] <henrik> I'm going to remove step from the migrations we run, in case we discover, after having switched apache over, that we get too many 500's and need to move back immediately.
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