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[19:01:28] <RjS> we're all here
[19:01:53] <RjS> Ryan and I were wondering about how to make collaborating on this proceedings project go easier
[19:02:03] <RjS> I've done a lot in my branch, he's started some in his
[19:02:18] <levkowetz> ok
[19:02:22] <RjS> I merged from his into mine, which worked, but it was non-trivial, and I can see getting into mergehell
[19:02:35] <levkowetz> ok
[19:02:48] <RjS> the original idea was we would work against trunk, with a lot of rapid releases, but that's not turning out to be really the right thing to do
[19:02:58] <RjS> I'm wondering if we should create a branch somewhere he and I can both commit to
[19:03:15] <levkowetz> sure, why not
[19:03:41] <RjS> is that something trivially easy for you to do? I'd have to go spend some time learning how...
[19:03:51] <RjS> (which I'm willing to do)
[19:04:10] <levkowetz> I think it's trivial
[19:04:30] <levkowetz> thinking about a suitable name and tree location
[19:05:33] <levkowetz> how about putting it under ^/branch/, maybe ^/branch/proceedings/ ?
[19:06:56] <rcross> wmf
[19:07:12] <RjS> branch/proceedings makes sense to me
[19:07:22] <RjS> start with a copy of the 6.29.1.dev0 tag?
[19:07:41] <RjS> I can merge what I have so far into it (it would get a few other things, but I don't think that will be harmful)
[19:07:59] <levkowetz> sure, will do
[19:08:03] <RjS> ryan - I can bring what you did in with that merge (since I've merged your branch into mine already
[19:08:22] <RjS> (and fixed some things that our divergent edits broke already)
[19:13:31] <levkowetz> branch created, permissions set up
[19:15:00] <RjS> working
[19:15:17] <RjS> (well, I'm working on seeing if it is working)
[19:17:18] <RjS> what did the new name end up being?
[19:17:34] <RjS> not this I guess:
[19:17:36] <RjS> did I typo
[19:17:38] <RjS> ?
[19:19:00] <RjS> ah - just /proceedings
[19:21:35] <levkowetz> We can do what you expected instead — maybe that will be better in the long run?
[19:27:38] <RjS> too late :)
[19:27:42] <RjS> sorry
[19:27:48] <RjS> I think we're ok
[19:28:28] <RjS> I was able to commit to the branch
[19:29:17] <RjS> ryan - do you want to check the branch out right quick and make sure you can commit
[19:29:19] <RjS> ?
[19:29:20] <levkowetz> good, but we can still move things around, if you'd prefer that
[19:29:56] <RjS> well, I bet we end up working on this after the next few releases, so moving it might be good
[19:30:08] <levkowetz> ok
[19:30:23] <levkowetz> I'll move things one step down the tree, as you expected
[19:30:31] <levkowetz> the permissions should be unaffected
[19:35:16] <levkowetz> Ok, done
[19:39:28] <RjS> thanks!
[19:41:12] <RjS> I think we're good for now
[19:46:21] <levkowetz> ok, good :-)
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