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[22:23:48] <Dan Wing>
[22:23:55] <Dan Wing> Gorry presented Note Well
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[22:25:11] <Dan Wing> working group document status
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[22:31:16] <Dan Wing> TAPS: Transport Protocol Services
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[22:32:12] <Dan Wing> 2.2) Notices
              Michael Welzl - Note of upcoming BoF proposal in TSV (3)
              draft-moncaster-tsvwg-transport-services <>
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[22:33:46] <Dan Wing> next up:
[22:33:47] <Dan Wing>    3.1) Joe Touch (proxy Gorry Fairhurst)
              - Recommendations for Transport Port Uses  (5)
              draft-ietf-tsvwg-port-use <>
              - Reviews needed, please read.
[22:33:57] <Dan Wing> Gorry presenting for Joe.
[22:41:03] <Dan Wing> feedback from Alain Durand:  add section discussing port agility.
[22:41:47] <Dan Wing> (unknown person): coming from VoIP space, we already multiplexing multiple protocols onto a single port (STUN, RTP, DTLS).  Now also doing ALPN with TLS.  So we are already good at port conservation.
[22:42:27] <Dan Wing> Martin: as one of the IANA port assignment experts:  The purpose of this document is non-IETF-familiar people.
[22:43:06] <Dan Wing> add'l point from Alain (sorry, got the order wrong):  document should say something about NAT changing port numbers.
[22:43:43] <Dan Wing> Volunteers to review draft-ietf-tsvwg-port-use <>: Scott Bradner, Alain Durand
[22:44:33] <Wolfgang Beck> Unknown person was Wolfgang Beck
[22:45:05] <Dan Wing> next up:
[22:45:06] <Dan Wing> Michael - DTLS Encap of SCTP for RTCWEB (10)
              draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-dtls-encaps <>
[22:45:16] <Dan Wing> Thanks.  Sorry I missed your name.
[22:48:12] <Dan Wing> Gorry started WGLC on sctp-dtls encaps, slightly longer than normal.
[22:48:47] <Dan Wing> next up:  SCTP-aware NAT, Randy and Michael - SCTP NAT Support (1)
              draft-ietf-tsvwg-natsupp <>
              - Thought ready for WGLC, please read.
              NAT for SCTP (5)
              draft-ietf-behave-sctpnat-09 <>
              - Was a Behave WG draft, please read.
[22:48:57] <Dan Wing> (Michael still presenting)
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[22:50:19] <Dan Wing> Gorry proposes taking on draft-ietf-behave-sctpnat as TSVWG document.
[22:51:22] <Dan Wing> Gorry asked that both documents be updated and synchronized with -tsvwg- filenames.
[22:52:01] <Dan Wing> WGLC will probably start before next meeting.
[22:52:39] <Dan Wing> Gorry:  will also take draft-ietf-behave-requirements-update as TSVWG document.
[22:53:18] <Dan Wing> next up: 3.3) Yoshifumi Nishida - SCTP Failover (10)
              draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-failover <>
[22:53:30] <Dan Wing> 3.3 SCTP Failover <>
[22:54:19] <Dan Wing> s2
[22:55:13] <Dan Wing> s3
[22:56:02] <Dan Wing> s4
[22:56:49] <Dan Wing> s5
[22:58:11] <Dan Wing> s7
[23:00:02] <Dan Wing> s8
[23:08:18] <Dan Wing> next up: Edward Crabbe, draft-yong-tsvwg-gre-in-udp-encap-02.txt
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[23:22:15] <Dan Wing> now on stage:
[23:22:16] <Dan Wing> 4.2) Greg Shepherd (presenter?) - Multicast UDP Guidelines (15 TBC)
              draft-shepherd-multicast-udp-guidelines <>
              - Please comment on list (author asks to adopt), please read.
[23:22:19] <Dan Wing> presented by Gorry
[23:26:13] <Dan Wing> next up: 4.3) Michael - SCTP PR Policies (10)
              draft-tuexen-tsvwg-sctp-prpolicies-03 <>
[23:32:58] <Dan Wing> Gorry announces we will do adoption call for draft-tuexen-tsvwg-sctp-prpolicies-03 <>
[23:33:39] <Dan Wing> next up:
[23:33:40] <Dan Wing> 4.4) SCTP head of line (3)
              draft-stewart-tsvwg-sctp-ndata <>
              - Pending adoption call, please read.
[23:33:44] <Dan Wing> (no slides available)
[23:33:48] <Dan Wing> Michael presenting
[23:34:06] <Dan Wing> used by RTCWEB for arbitrary-large messages.
[23:34:21] <Dan Wing> slides:  √
[23:34:24] <Dan Wing> slides:
[23:36:56] <Dan Wing> Gorry announced the sctp-ndata document will be called for adoption.
[23:39:40] <Dan Wing> now on stage:      4.5) Bob Briscoe - ECN Encaps Guidelines (15)
              draft-briscoe-tsvwg-ecn-encap-guidelines <>
              - Please comment on list (authors ask to adopt), please read.
[23:57:03] Dan Wing leaves the room
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