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[09:22:28] <resnick> I'll scribe a bit.
[09:22:41] <resnick> PSA at the front.
[09:22:53] <resnick> 2146bis
[09:23:00] <resnick> page 2 - progress.
[09:23:04] <Barry Leiba> John, I know it's not yet 5:30 in the morning chez toi; thanks for being here.
[09:23:58] <Barry Leiba> John and SM: is the audio coming through OK?
[09:23:58] <SM> Yes, barry, thanks
[09:24:20] <resnick> BTW: 2141bis & 3406bis <>
[09:24:53] <resnick> page 3
[09:26:08] <resnick> page 4 - 3406bis
[09:27:03] <JcK> Barry: I had intended to sit in on Precis too, but slept right through it, so am feeling guildy.  WIll pick up the audio later and comment on the list as needed.
[09:27:30] <Barry Leiba> T'anks.
[09:27:33] <resnick> slide 5
[09:28:31] <resnick> @jck: (PRECIS went well. Some bigger picture questions came up on which your input would be welcome.)
[09:29:17] <resnick> Barry at the mic
[09:30:03] <resnick> Larry Masinter at the mic
[09:31:21] <resnick> Barry back at the mic.
[09:31:33] <resnick> PSA
[09:31:46] <resnick> Barry again.
[09:31:53] <resnick> PSA
[09:32:00] <stpeter>
[09:33:38] <JcK> Mic: I suggest another variation on what Larry is suggesting, which is that we say "expert review", but do two things.  First we push on "promises" in the template, and second we put text into 3406bis that says :specification strongly preferred".   This is, after all,, a collection of namespaces wthat come with a generaic ..
[09:33:48] <resnick> Barry Leiba.
[09:33:51] <resnick> (I'll mic)
[09:34:37] <JcK> requirement for permanence.   If the expert can then make exceptions with due (documented) justinfication, fine.  But liets not get stuck
[09:34:45] <JcK> on the IANA Considerations template.
[09:35:28] <resnick> page 6
[09:36:27] <resnick> Barry at the mic
[09:36:28] <JcK> Barry: And, if you set up and expert up an expert reviewer team, I'd be willing to serve.  Indeed, I'd strongly prefer a small team that don't inherently agree on everything to the usual expert setup.
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[09:37:22] <Barry Leiba> John: Ack, and I agree.  Thanks.
[09:38:52] <SM> mic:  Whatever the RFC says, I suggest gently explaining how things work instead of relying on the written word.
[09:39:24] <JcK> @Mic: Hmm.  It also seems to me that, especially if there is no Specification, that IANA template link also should include a short report from the expert panel.  And that we should "require" both in 3406bis.  Again, "permanence" without documentation is nonsense.
[09:39:54] <SM> Barry, yes
[09:43:20] <resnick> Thanks. We're adjourned.
[09:43:21] <Barry Leiba> Thanks, John and SM.  Short meeting.
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[09:43:29] <SM> Thanks Barry for channel
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[09:43:45] <JcK> Thanks folks.  I just provided a bit of a push, you did the work.
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[09:56:26] <JcK> Don't know if anyone is watching this while the cabal discussion about revew processes and discussions (which fortunately is occurring near a live mic and mostly being recorded, but I hope it can be brought to the (some?) list beause some of us who are remote might have input :-(
[09:57:11] <JcK> And now, I don't know if you finished or just drifted too far from the Mic for me to hear.  
[09:57:14] <stpeter> yes
[09:57:23] <stpeter> we are done, sorry!!!
[09:57:50] <stpeter> actually, above it seems that "resnick" said "Thanks. We're adjourned."
[09:57:57] <JcK> No problem.  But a good summary to the list (or elsewhere) would be really useful
[09:57:58] <stpeter> jck: thanks for joining us
[09:58:01] <stpeter> oh yes
[09:58:07] <stpeter> minutes were taken
[09:59:43] <JcK> I say Resnick's note.  I just overheard a discussion among a few people that could lead to policy in the empty meeting room that has all of the disadvantages of private converrstations between ADs and authors in AUTH48 making substantive document changes.
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[09:59:53] <JcK> s/I say/I saw/
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