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Room Configuration

[15:24:52] stpeter joins the room
[17:47:55] rillian joins the room
[17:48:01] <rillian> hi stpeter
[17:48:06] <rillian> thanks for setting things up!
[17:48:15] <stpeter> rillian: sure thing :)
[17:49:09] stpeter has set the subject to: Video Codec BoF, IETF 85 | agenda and logistics:
[17:59:32] irc- joins the room
[17:59:38] <irc-> * members: +gmaxwell, dD0T, Fatbag, Guest63787, LithosLaptop, rillian, TBK
[18:02:58] <rillian> hello irc-
[18:03:42] <irc-> [rillian] codec-wg [rillian] : echoing your message
[18:05:05] <irc-> * left: LithosLaptop
[18:22:38] irc- leaves the room
[18:22:59] irc- joins the room
[18:23:06] <irc-> * members: gmaxwell
[18:26:14] <irc-> * joined: rillian
[20:02:38] irc- leaves the room
[20:05:44] irc- joins the room
[20:05:51] <irc-> * members: gmaxwell, rillian
[20:06:18] <irc-> [gmaxwell] rillian: it was still connected, and getting that same remote-server-not-found from the server. Odd.
[20:07:41] <irc-> [rillian] I got it from pidgen too, but it didn't seem to affect my actual presence in the room
[20:58:16] irc- leaves the room
[23:00:39] <stpeter> heh, interesting
[23:14:05] stpeter leaves the room: Disconnected: connection closed
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