The Multimedia Mobile Access Communication Systems Promotion Council





Chairman of ETSI Project Broadband Radio Access Networks

Jamshid Khun-Jush, Dr.-Ing.

Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH

Ericsson Research, Corporate Unit

Neumeyerstr. 50

D-90411 Nürnberg


Tel: +49 911 2551260 / Fax +49 911 2551961



Chairman of High Speed Wireless Access Committee of MMAC-PC

Masahiro Umehira, Dr.

Wireless Systems Innovation Laboratory

NTT Network Innovation Laboratories



Tel: +81-468-59-3547   FAX: +81-468-55-1497



Chairman of IEEE 802.11

Stuart J. Kerry, Mr.

Philips Semiconductors, Inc

San Jose


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To:       Harald Alvestrand, Chairman of IETF

Cc:       Patrik Faltstrom & Ned Freed, Area directors of Applications Area, Erik Nordmark &

Thomas Narten, Area directors of Internet Area, Randy Bush &Bert Wijnen, Area directors of Operations & Management Area,  Bill Fenner & Alex Zinin, Area directors of Routing Area, Jeff Schiller & Steven Bellovin, Area directors of Security Area, Scott Bradner &

Allison Mankin, Area directors of Transport Area, Scott Bradner & Bert Wijnen, Area directors of Temporary Sub-IP Area.


Date:                13th September  2002


Subject: Liaison statement about new Wireless LAN Interworking Group (WIG)


Dear Harald,


It is with great pleasure to inform you that MMAC HSWA, ETSI Project BRAN and IEEE 802.11 have jointly created a group to work on the issues related to 3G and other public access networks interworking. The group has been given the name WIG (Wireless LAN Interworking Group).



WIG has adopted the following scope:


-         To be an integral part in the production of a generically applicable interworking standard for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) and other public networks. The standard is to be applicable for IEEE 802.11 family, MMAC HiSWAN family and ETSI HIPERLAN/2

-         To be the point of resolution for ETSI, IEEE and MMAC on issues related to interworking with WWAN and other public networks.

-         To be the single point of contact for the above-mentioned WLAN standards on questions related to interworking with WWAN and other public networks.



The WLAN Interworking Group will deploy a joint email reflector given below and is available for subscription. This reflector is currently being maintained by ETSI/BRAN. The document areas will be open for members of IEEE, ETSI and MMAC only. If you are interested in these documents we then request information about how we can share relevant documents between our organisations.


Subscription can be made via the "E-mail Archives - BRAN” window in the BRAN part of the ETSI portal (click on the +/- icon to join the list) or by sending a request to



For additional information please make contact with one of the following persons below:


-         Takashi Aramaki, Takashi.Aramaki@YRP.MCI.MEI.CO.JP, Liaison officer for the MMAC HSWA.


-         TK Tan,, Chairman of the WNG SC at IEEE 802.11


-         Thomas Haslestad,, Rapporteur of the 3G Interworking Group at ETSI Project BRAN.




Best Regards


Stuart J. Kerry, Jamshid Khun-Jush & Masahiro Umehira