3GPP TSG-SA5 (Telecom Management)                                                                     S5-024243

Meeting #29, Beijing, CHINA, 24 ‑ 28 June 2002


Title:                         3GPP Diameter Charging & Credit Control Application

Source:                     SA5

To:                            IETF (probably to IETF AAA WG (Bernard ABODA, co-chair),

                                 via Mr. Stephen HAYES, 3GPP TSG-CN Chair  &  3GPP/IETF co-ordinator

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Contact Persons:          

Name:                  Karl-Heinz Nenner, SA5 SWGB Chair

Tel. Number:        +49 228 936 3343

E-mail Address:    karl-heinz.nenner@t-mobile.de


Name:                  Hans AHLBÄCK

Tel. Number:        +358 2 265 3751

E-mail Address:    hans.ahlback@ericsson.fi


Name:                  Benni Alexander

Tel. Number:        +358 7180 68683

E-mail Address:    Benni.Alexander@Nokia.com



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1. Overall Description:

3GPP SA5 has chosen the Diameter protocol specified in the IETF drafts for the charging interfaces of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), to achieve accounting transfer for off-line and on-line charging processes. 

These charging interfaces are detailed in SA5's draft TS 32.225, which could be found at: ftp://ftp.3gpp.org/Specs/Latest-drafts/ and ftp://ftp.3gpp.org/Specs/archive/32_series/32.225/


3GPP SA5 would like to inform the IETF of ongoing work on a Diameter credit control mechanism being done by its members.  This work has been aligned to the extent possible with an IETF draft dealing with Diameter credit control (draft-hakala-diameter-credit-control-03.txt).  Given the deadline for the finalisation of TS 32.225 (September 2002) and the current state of the above IETF draft, 3GPP SA5 plans to specify in TS 32.225 some of the details that are currently missing in the IETF draft, such as the assignment of AVP codes.


3GPP SA5 would appreciate if the IETF were to consider our work as a common approach for Diameter credit control and, if the “draft-hakala-diameter-credit-control-03.txt” is further developed into an RFC, to assure consistency of this RFC with TS 32.225.  3GPP SA5 is prepared to co-operate with the IETF on this matter upon request.


Action Requested:

IETF are kindly requested to provide comments on the above.

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