ITU - Telecommunication Standardization Sector      Temporary Document 2058/Rev.1



Geneva, 29 January – 2 February 2001



SOURCE:          Rapporteur




TO:                    IETF Transport Area Directors

APPROVAL:     ITU-T Study group 7

FOR:                  Information

DEADLINE:      None


CONTACT:       Mr. Jack Houldsworth                                        Tel:         +44 1438 352997

IETF Rapporteur in JTC 1/SC 6                         Email:


                          Mr. Shin-Gak Kang                                            Tel:         +82 42 860 6117

Rapporteur for ITU-T Q.8/7                               Tel:         +82 42 861 5404




ITU-T SG 7 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 have been collaborating in the joint development of a family of Real Time Multicast Transport (RMT) protocols. The joint programme is referred to as Enhanced Communications Transport Protocols (ECTP). The Protocols which are being developed meet requirements which are similar to those identified in the IETF RMT WG programme and both the ITU-T and SC 6 would like the results of their work to be considered by the IETF RMT Working Group.

The January 29 to 31 joint meeting of ITU-T Q.8/7 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6/WG 7 in Geneva finalised part 1 of the revised version of ECTP and it is now entering the process which will result in its issue as a joint ITU-T Recommendation/International Standard. The meeting agreed that it should be submitted for the attention of the IETF RMT WG via the IETF Transport Area Directors and a copy of the final version is attached in Word format. The joint meeting also asked the editor to prepare a text version of the document and to submit it as an IETF Internet Draft to make it more widely available to RMT WG contributors.

The joint SG 7/SC 6 group has restructured ECTP as four parts to reflect the PI/BB framework which is being followed by the IETF. ECTP part 1 which provides simplex reliable multicast transport service may be a solution to some questions which are being considered by the IETF RMT WG.

Attachment : TD 2032/Rev.2 : Draft New Recommendation X.ectp-1 | ISO/IEC FCD 14476-1