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IETF 113: Host Speaker Series

XiPeng Xiao, Standard & Industry Development for Datacom, Huawei Europe, discussed IPv6 Deployment Worldwide: Momentum, Challenges & Next Steps at IETF 113.

The IETF 113 Host Speaker Series talk will be held on Tuesday, March 22, at 15:45 UTC in Park Suite 9 and will be streamed online.This talk discusses:

  • latest momentum for IPv6 deployment in carriers and enterprises,
  • challenges that network architects face in deploying and operating IPv6 networks, and
  • collaborations needed to move IPv6 deployment to a new level.

XiPeng Xiao

Speaker: XiPeng Xiao, Standard & Industry Development for Datacom, Huawei Europe

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XiPeng Xiao is an IPv6 evangelist in Huawei and a contributor to the v6ops Working Group. Together with his colleagues, they parse IPv6 statistics from APNIC and other sources to track latest IPv6 deployment status worldwide. They work with many network architects to document IPv6 deployment and operations challenges, and participate in various IPv6 councils to share IPv6 knowledge. They also discuss IPv6 policy with various governments. XiPeng is author of 4 RFCs and 1 book.