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IETF 117: Host Speaker Series

The Host Speaker Series session at IETF 117 was held at 18:45-19:45 UTC on 27 July 2023.

What's so hard about deploying an app? You just fill out a few values in a manifest values file and you're done, right? If that sounds naive to you, then you'll find this talk useful. When deploying a complex application in a complex organization, figuring out the right "values" isn't necessarily easy. It can involve several different parts of the organization, like the infrastructure team, the network planning team, the app operations team, the security team, and more. Just getting the right input from each of those organizations for a single instance of an app can be painful. Now, try to fan that out across 1,000 - or 10,000 - clusters, and you have a "values" management nightmare. Come to this talk to learn how the novel concepts of Configuration-as-Data (CaD) are used in the Nephio project to allow distributed, collaborative editing of application configuration, and enable automation and rapid app delivery. See how these techniques can help you decouple the configuration process within your organization, give different departments control over their parts of the config, and allow them to independently manage and automate the parts they own. You will learn how to use the open source Nephio tools to dramatically simplify and improve the app delivery process.

Speaker: Wim Henderickx, Head of Technology and Architecture at Nokia, based in Belgium.

Mr. Henderickx provides consultancy and architecture advise in various domains such as, IP networking for Fixed/Wireless and Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Automation, etc. He has over 25 years’ experience in the communications and networking industry and is a regular speaker at technical conferences all over the world. He is active in several SDO’s like IETF, etc and is an active member in open-source projects.

Mr. Henderickx holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Data Communications, a Masters degree in Economy and is a Bell Labs Fellow.