IETF 76 - Tutorials

Hiroshima, Japan
November 8-13, 2009

What MIB Document Editors Need to Know

Presented by: David Harrington/Bert Wijnen

Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 15:00-16:50
Room: Acacia 1

This tutorial will discuss the various topics that MIB Document Editors need to know in order to have the document go smoothly through the MIB Doctor review process. Of course, such will also improve the quality of the MIB module, and by that the managebility of the specific technology being modeled.

  1. a little background on SNMP and management info
  2. guidance for when and why development of MIB documents should occur in a WG
  3. guidance on the scope of the content of a MIB module
  4. the process and tools for writing MIB modules and the I-Ds that contain them.

Participants are encouraged to read RFC4181 before the meeting, although that is not mandatory. Other good reading material would be RFC2578, RFC2579, RFC2580.

The intended audience: Current and prospective MIB document editors, along with anyone who suspects that working groups they participate in can "do better in developing MIB modules".