IETF 82 - Tutorials

Taipei, Taiwan
November 13-18, 2011

Document Lifecycle

Presented by: Alice Hagens and Alexey Melnikov

Sunday, November 13, 2011 - 15:00-16:50
Room: 102

This tutorial offers an overview of producing documents in the IETF, from version 00 of an Internet-Draft to publication as an RFC. We will cover the working group process, and the required and suggested contents of an Internet-Draft, including information from IANA staff about writing IANA Considerations sections. We will walk through the lifecyle including authorship, WG draft, IETF Last Call, IESG evaluation, and what to expect during the RFC publication process. We will provide a set of helpful hints to authors about formatting rules and editorial policies that often improve the quality of the resulting documents. We will summarize the states of the RFC publication process and provide an opportunity to ask questions of RFC Editor staff.