IETF 84 - Tutorials

Vancouver, BC, Canada
July 29-August 1, 2012

Introduction to IETF Tools Tutorial

Presented by: Alice Russo and Henrik Levkowetz

Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 15:00-16:50
Room: Regency B

This tutorial will present an overview of the following:

   * Document search, display and print tools

     This covers tools for retrieval of current and old documents based

     on part of the filename, or on content; various available ways to

     view the documents (plain text, html, pdf, diffs), print them

     nicely, and get more information about their status etc.

   * Draft preparation tools

     A brief mention of xml2rfc but more about idnits, diff tools, spell-

     checking, and maybe XML validation.

   * Working group tools

     Working group status pages and individual document status pages,

     wikis, issue trackers, collected session agendas and session minutes

     marked up with document and materials links.  Email aliases for

     WG chairs and ADs.

   * IETF meeting related tools

     Meeting agenda marked up with links to: htmlized session agendas,

     jabber rooms, meeting materials, room location etc.  Individually

     customised extracts from the agenda converted to downloadable and

     subscribable calendar files.

(And just maybe, if there is time at the end a little bit about:

   * Tool builder tools

     Meta-information about drafts and working groups which is available

     to prospective tool builders - where to find it, what kind of

     information is available, and in which formats. )