IETF 85 - Tutorials

Atlanta, GA, USA
November 4-9, 2012

WG Leadership

Presented by: Radia Perlman

Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 13:00-14:50
Room: Salon A

This tutorial looks at the concepts behind the "data moving" part of
the network stack (layers 2 and 3). Rather than focusing on particular
protocols in their entirety, we look at individual aspects in which
different protocols might differ, and look at the technical tradeoffs.
For instance, should addresses be flat or hierarchical? Whould the
forwarding decision be made based on a destination address or a
"label"? What does it mean to move data at "layer 2" vs "layer 3"?
How can multiple paths be used while keeping packets for a flow in
order? A switch looks at data in a packet, and consults a forwarding
table in order to make a forwarding decision. How does the forwarding
table get created? What are the tradeoffs between doing it with a
distributed algorithm or a central fabric manager? Should table
entries get created proactively, or when a flow starts?