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Meeting Location Assessment

The list of cities that have been assessed for suitability as a location for an IETF meeting or are still being assessed, along with results of surveys and feedback requests.

A key step in the IETF Meeting Venue Identification and Selection Process is to assess nominated cities to see if they are suitable to hold an IETF meeting. The assessment process includes requesting and considering community feedback. The list of cities that have been assessed and the results of that assessment are shown below. Assessment can take some years and so this table is only occasionally updated.

(Table last updated 6 July 2021)

CityCountryFeedback requestAssessment
AustinUS31 March 2017Suitable
AthensGR4 September 2018Suitable
BangkokTH20 June 2016Suitable
BarcelonaES31 March 2017Suitable
BerlinDE20 June 2016Suitable
BostonUS31 March 2017Suitable
BrisbaneAU1 June 2021Suitable
Buenos AiresAR20 June 2016Suitable
BusanKR31 March 2017Being assessed
CalgaryCA31 March 2017Suitable
CairnsAU1 June 2021Suitable
ChibaJP4 September 2018Suitable
CopenhagenDK18 April 2016Suitable
DaejeonKR20 June 2016Suitable
DallasUS20 June 2016Suitable
DenverUS31 March 2017Suitable
DublinIE4 September 2018Suitable
EdinburghGB4 September 2018Suitable
FukuokaJP13 March 2018Suitable
GlasgowGB4 September 2018Suitable
HelsinkiFI31 March 2017Being assessed
HiroshimaJP5 July 2020Suitable
Hong KongHK20 June 2016Suitable
HonoluluUS20 June 2016Suitable
HoustonUS31 March 2017Suitable
HyderabadIN13 March 2018Being assessed
KobeJP13 March 2018Suitable
KolkataIN4 September 2018Being assessed
KyotoJP13 March 2018Suitable
LondonGB20 June 2016Suitable
MacauMO20 June 2016Unsuitable
MadridES20 June 2016Suitable
MaltaMT4 September 2018Suitable
MarrakeshMA4 September 2018Being assessed
MelbourneAU1 June 2021Suitable
MontrealCA18 April 2016Suitable
NagoyaJP13 March 2018Suitable
NassauBS4 September 2018Unsuitable
New DelhiIN13 March 2018Being assessed
New OrleansUS31 March 2017Suitable
NiigataJP4 September 2018Suitable
OsakaJP31 March 2017Suitable
OttawaCA31 March 2017Suitable
Panama CityPA4 September 2018Being assessed
ParisFR18 April 2016Suitable
PhiladelphiaUS31 March 2017Suitable
PragueCZ20 June 2016Suitable
San FranciscoUS31 March 2017Suitable
SapporoJP4 September 2018Suitable
SeoulKR20 June 2016Suitable
ShenzhenCN23 May 2023Suitable
SingaporeSG13 March 2018Suitable
StockholmSE4 September 2018Suitable
SydneyAU20 June 2016Suitable
Tel AvivIL4 September 2018Being assessed
TokyoJP13 March 2018Suitable
TorontoCA20 June 2016Suitable
VancouverCA20 June 2016Suitable
Washington DCUS31 March 2017Suitable
YokohamaJP20 June 2016Suitable

Community Feedback

Community feedback is requested on an irregular basis by an email to the IETF-Announce mailing list (subscribe) .  We publish a read-only version of the Trello board where the community feedback from that list is collated and assessed. We also publish a public archive of the feedback emails received.

Surveys of Community Preference

We conduct occasional surveys to understand community preferences for meeting locations.

Meetings Venue Preference Survey 2014
South America Survey Unfiltered (2013)
South America Survey Active Participants (2013)
Meetings Venue Preference Survey 2010

Next IETF Meeting

Stay tuned for the latest information on the next IETF meeting scheduled for 20-26 July 2024

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