Session 2017-11-15 09:30-12:00: Padang



Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

09:30-12:00: Morning Session

Room: Padang

Data Center Routing (DCROUTING):

         Status: non-WG-Forming

         Responsible AD: Alvaro Retana

         BoF Chairs: Gunter Van de Velde, Victor Kuarsingh


Over the last year, there have been discussions in a number of routing area

working groups about proposals aimed at routing within a data center.

Because of their topologies (traditional and emerging), traffic patterns,

need for fast restoration, and need for low human intervention, among

other things, data centers are driving a set of routing solutions specific

to them. The intent of this BOF is to discuss the special circumstances that

surround routing in the data center and potential new solutions.


The objective is not to select a single solution, but to determine whether

there is interest and energy in the community to work on any of the proposals.


Administrivia (5m)

         Blue sheets

         Note taker: ?

         Jabber scribe: ?

         Agenda bashing

         BOF goals and objectives Intro

Discussions around Requirements & Problem Space (40 minutes)

         Read-out: Cloud DC and Operator Requirements for DC Routing (Jeff Tantsura)

o (15min)

o   Q&A, Clarifications and Discussion (5min)

         Read-out: Enterprise Requirements for DC Routing (Nalini Elkins)

o (10min)

o   (updated -01 version was submitted after draft cut-off)

o   Q&A, Clarifications and Discussion (5min)

         Section Wrap-up (Chairs) (5min)

DC Routing Proposals based around new routing technology (80 min)

o   BGP-LS SPF: Shortest Path Routing Extensions for BGP Protocol (Keyur Patel)

o (20min)

o   Q&A, Clarifications and Discussion (15 min)

o   RIFT: Routing in Fat Trees (Tony Przygienda)

o (20min)

o   Q&A, Clarifications and Discussion (15 min)

o   Section Wrap-up (Chairs) (10min)

DC Routing Proposals based extensions to existing routing technology (15min)

o   ISIS Routing for the Spine-Leaf Topology (Les Ginsberg) (5min)


o   Openfabric: ISIS Support for Openfabric (Russ White) (5min)


o   OSPF/ISIS Flooding reduction in MSDC (Xu Xiaohu) (5min)



Session Wrap-up

o   Session Wrap-up and next steps (Chairs)  (10min)