IDR meeting at IETF 102 (version 3) 

Session I:  Thursday,  18:10-19:10,  7/19/2018

Room: Viger  

0) Agenda bashing (5) 

1) Update on merger of RLP and eOTC drafts for route leaks solution [Kotikalapudi Sriram] (8) (solution)/ (design discussion)  

2) BGP Model for Service Provider Networks [Keyur Patel] (8)

3) BGP Extra Extended Community [Jakob Heitz] (8)

4) BGP Neighbor Autodiscovery [Ketan Talaulikar] (8)

5) Requirements for BGP Neighbor Autodiscovery (15)
LSVR Hello Neighbor Requirements [Randy Bush] (8)
  Discussion (7)

[Total 52 minutes] 

Session II:  Friday,  11:50-13:20,  7/20/2018

Room: Place du Canada  

0) Agenda bashing and Chair's slides (10)  

1) LOCAL_PREF Overloaded = Overwritten [Alexander Azimov] (5)

2) Updates to BGP Signaled SR Policies [Dhanendra Jain] (8)

3) YANG data model for BGP Segment Routing Extensions [Dhanendra Jain] (8)

4) BGP-LS Extend for Inter-AS Topology Retrieval [Aijun Wang] (10)

5) Distribution of Traffic Engineering (TE) Policies and State using BGP-LS [Ketan Talaulikar] (10)

6) Flexible Algorithm Definition Advertisement with BGP Link-State [Ketan Talaulikar] (5)

  BGP Link-State Extensions for Seamless BFD [Ketan Talaulikar]

7) Applying BGP flowspec rules on a specific interface set [Jeff Haas] (5)

8) Segment Routing Policies for Path Segment and Bi-directional Path [Cheng Li] (15)

  SR Policies for Path Segment and Bi-directional Path in BGP-LS [Cheng Li]

9) BGP-LS Extensions for Advertising Path MTU [Fenghua Zhao/Zhibo Hu] (10)

[Total 86 minutes]